Xin Family

Evan and Mary Xin and family

"We always believed it was God who led us to Bear Creek," says Mary Xin. She and husband Evan express their gratitude to have found a school where their four children—Sophia' 25, David '31, Michael '32, and Angela '34—will have a strong academic foundation while learning how to live out their Christian faith. In 2015, when searching for a school for their oldest daughter, Sophia, then in second grade, they were looking for more than just an academic challenge for her and her siblings, but one that would also integrate their faith. They were surprised and pleased to learn that Bear Creek’s tuition was among the lowest of the top five independent schools in Washington that they researched, and they still consider it an excellent value. The school is also very close to their home, offering an easy daily commute. It was a clear choice for them to enroll Sophia in third grade, and later their other children, and they haven’t looked back.

With children spanning Preschool, Lower School, and Middle School, the Xins have a broad window into the breadth and depth of Bear Creek’s educational scaffolding. The family appreciates the individualized curriculum, and believes Bear Creek has the best learning resources and the best teachers. Like so many Bear Creek families, Mary and Evan treasure the unique combination of a high-quality Christian education and rigorous academics for their children.

Xin Family

Equally as importantly however, they are grateful for Bear Creek’s sense of community. "Everyone in this school is filled with love. When we enter school, we feel like we are surrounded by love!" Mary exclaims.

Mary and Evan are deeply involved in the Bear Creek community, and are frequent visitors to campus during the day and at the many community events. Mary tries to volunteer as much as she can, although she worries about her fluency in English. While Evan’s job keeps him very busy, he makes time most mornings to walk his children to their classrooms, and attending parent events. "We believe it is very important to be an active part of The Bear Creek School community," they state.

One of the many ways they express their appreciation and love for the school is by investing philanthropically in the school through their donations to the Annual Fund and the Auction. "We thank God for taking care of our family. We are happy and healthy. And we should share his kindness with other people." They teach their children about the importance of generosity as well. "We think generosity is an ability, responsibility, love, and happiness," concludes Mary.

The generosity and commitment of the Xin family continues to bless Bear Creek in many ways, and we are grateful for their continued involvement and dedication to our school’s mission.