Alleva Family

Fil and Holly Alleva and family

Fil and Holly Alleva have been involved with The Bear Creek School since 1999. All three of their children, Erin ’14, Caleb ’14, and Zach ’12, attended Bear Creek from kindergarten through grade 12 and are now college graduates. They have supported the school in many ways over the years as volunteers. Fil has served on the Board of Trustees since 2008 and both have spent countless hours volunteering in Bear Creek classrooms, on the sports fields, and at school events. Holly has worked as a Library Assistant as well as helping on the Parent of Alumni Committee.

Bear Creek is deeply ingrained in the rhythm of their family. Fil took some time to reflect on why he and Holly have given so generously of their time, talent, wisdom, and financial resources over the years.

“For Holly and me, giving is an important way we stay connected to the things we care about.  For us the gift is free and freeing since there was no obligation to give and no obligation for us to account for what is received in return. It is a great and simple expression of love. Another reason we give is because it helps keep our world from becoming too small.  By giving it connects us to the whole world which is God’s and reminds us that nothing that we have is truly ours, just something that is temporarily our responsibility, a part of which we gladly put back in God’s hands.

Alleva Family

Erin and Caleb, 2014 Commencement Exercises

“Giving is something I learned from my father. Each Sunday, I saw him faithfully make his contribution at a time when I later understood that we didn’t have a lot. I didn’t think much of that again until I became a Christian. I knew from my father’s example that part of following Christ was to be a faithful giver, but for me the question was how? This was about the same time that I got my first full time job which meant I had a little regular money; when I learned of a friend of a friend who was entering campus ministry in need of financial support, I knew what to do. Thirty-five years later we’re still supporting those same friends in the same ministry. Although we rarely get to see our friends, we remain a part of each other’s lives in a unique way. Giving affords us a way to participate in ministries and lives when other avenues aren’t available because of time, distance, or situation. For me I think of giving’s impact on us and others as something that builds over time, like spinning up a large fly wheel. At first there is not much change, but year after year, as the momentum builds you see the difference you are making. That momentum connects you not only to what’s happening right now, but it also creates a connection to the future. Our part in God’s plan is small and brief, but we are part of that big plan, and giving makes us more deeply part of that.

“Holly and I believe The Bear Creek School is part of God’s plan, and we want to be share in that. Over time, our growing commitment to Bear Creek has connected us to God’s plan for the school and allowed us to feel even more connected to both the history and the future of Bear Creek. By God’s grace and with the community’s support, Bear Creek will carry on for many, many years to come. So that’s why we give.”

We are grateful to have the Alleva family blessing our Bear Creek community in so many ways!