Gratitude Gala


The generosity of our community during the 2023 Gratitude Gala will help transform our literacy program, including revitalizing the Ida Lairson and C.E. “Ted” Kindel Libraries in the Main building and making additions in our Andrea Lairson Library in Upper School and the Preschool Library.

The envisioned library spaces will encourage the love of reading, build literacy, foster innovation, support teachers, and engage student voices locally and globally. Our design elements were chosen to accomplish this vision:

  • We will replace old tables and chairs with more modern, versatile, and comfortable furniture designed for cozy reading, collaborative work, and individualized and group instruction.
  • We will add kiosks with large screens to engage students in their book selection and guide them to the appropriate resources.
  • We will also automate our checkout system to allow librarians to focus on individualized support and guidance for our students.

The redesigned libraries will give students a unique opportunity for self-directed inquiry and participatory learning that sparks creativity and innovation.

Together, through your generosity, we will turn our libraries into incredible literacy and learning centers that provide physical and intellectual access to the resources and tools required for learning, inspiring, cultivating, and strengthening minds in a warm, stimulating, and welcoming environment.

Support our Fund-a-Need, offering teachers and students incredible literacy and learning spaces, by making a tax-deductible donation. If you would like to make a pledge now and pay later via DAF, please email Mariana Keller at