Parent Teacher Fellowship

PTF Board 2020 – 2021

  • President: Leslie Meyer
  • Vice President: Jennifer Gooden
  • Treasurer: Jeff Davis
  • Secretary: Ellena Johnson
  • Stacey Bennetsen
  • Cathi Coy
  • Greg Emens
  • Jill Jani
  • Laura McCloskey
  • Kelly Mickelson
  • Jamie Sinha
  • Amanda Smith

Event Chairs / Points of Contact

  • Walk-a-thon: Laura McCloskey and Tracy Sullivan Prock
  • Fall Carnival: Leslie Meyer
  • Christmas Decorations: Jill Jani and Leslie Mayer
  • Used Uniform Sales: Ellena Johnson and Kelly Mickelson
  • Friends of the Arts: Stacey Bennetsen
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week: Jennifer Gooden and Amanda Smith
  • Finals Treats: Jamie Sinha and Cathi Coy
  • Food Blessing Days:               
    • Upper School: Cathi Coy and Stacey Bennetsen
    • Main Building: Jamie Sinha and Laura McCloskey      
    • Preschool: Amanda Smith


When you joined The Bear Creek School community, you also became a member of the Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF). The mission of The Bear Creek School’s PTF is the enrichment of student life through a variety of programs and activities that:

  • Enhance the academic, social, and overall learning environment and experience for students
  • Create a spirit of unity and fellowship among parents, teachers, and staff      
  • Support and encourage teachers and staff

Programs and Events

Every year our Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) works hard to enrich the Bear Creek community. PTF sponsors numerous events that help build a community among parents, faculty and students. Parents are encouraged to get involved by using their gifts and talents. Your PTF conducts one primary fund raising events each year, the Lower School Walk-a-thon as well as passive fundraisers.

With the dues and the funds raised, PTF is able to sponsor and bless the Bear Creek community with events and gifts including, but not limited to these items.           

  • Art Docent Program (P3 – P5)
  • Baked Goods for School Events
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Field Day Lunch (grade 6)
  • Fine Arts Appreciation Gifts
  • Latte Cart
  • Food Blessing Days (each month at each campus)
  • Fall Carnival (K – 8)
  • Grade-level Shirts (P – 6)
  • MS Social
  • MS/US Final Exam Treats
  • Teacher Lunches
  • Teacher and Staff Appreciation
  • US Social
  • Used Uniform Sale
  • Walk-a-thon (P3 – 6)

In addition, PTF donations have provided:

  • Artwork in Lower School hallways
  • Plants in Main building and Upper School
  • Basketball court at Fitness Center
  • Ping pong table and foos ball table in Upper School
  • Gaga pits on Owens Field
  • Rainy day recess activities (K – 6)

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