The Impact of Your Gift

As a donor, you have the satisfaction of knowing that your generosity advances the mission of the school and helps create a better world through the lives of Bear Creek graduates, individuals filled with wisdom, compassion, and courage.

Lower School girls

Because of your gift to the ALL-IN Annual Fund, despite the unique circumstances, Bear Creek can offer a robust education to our students, keep them engaged and motivated learners, our teachers can be more innovative and creative than ever, and our community is strong.

This year, your donation allows us to maintain a nurturing and safe environment for learning in and out of the classrooms, support a stellar faculty, and fund curricular innovations and programs. Your gift also helps provide scholarships and financial aid to enable more families to experience the benefits of a Bear Creek education.

Your unrestricted gift will allow us to be creative with our programs that will have to be done differently this year and be flexible and responsive to needs that may arise during the year. 

Thank you for funding amazing learning opportunities every day!

With a gift to the Annual Fund, you make a big difference!

Middle School Art

With your gift, you give students opportunities to explore their talents and develop their creativity!

Girls Soccer

With your gift, you help students develop physical skills and personal character!

Thank you for your generous investment in our school and our mission! Thank you for being ALL-IN!