Annual Fund

All-In for Bear Creek 

The Annual Fund directly impacts faculty and students year-round by helping provide a robust learning experience. Your gift allows our students to connect and learn beyond the classroom, learn in innovative ways, explore their artistic and athletic talents, be part of a vibrant community that enriches their experience, and creates opportunities for parents to strengthen family and community bonds. 

This year, as the coronavirus pandemic affects us, the Annual Fund is even more critical to our school. We have been working hard to create a nurturing and safe environment to welcome back students this fall. That means investing in health and safety infrastructure on campus and in the classrooms, further training our faculty in online teaching techniques, and purchasing new technology for blended and remote learning, ensuring that students and families at higher risk and those who opt for remote learning benefit from a similar classroom experience as those in the buildings. 

Many of the programs that the Annual Fund supports every year, like the arts, athletics, field trips, community events, and more, will have to be done differently this year. Your unrestricted gift will allow us to be creative with our programs and be flexible and responsive to changing or new needs that may arise during the year. 
Every gift counts, no matter the size. The impact that we can have collectively is immeasurable. 

You make a difference. And everyone counts. 

The impact of your participation is valued beyond the dollars. Your participation demonstrates your commitment to Bear Creek, our mission, and our students. 

It is a vote of confidence in our school, our teachers, and our educational mission. 100% participation is evidence that everyone in our community is ALL-IN.  

Foundations, grant-making institutions, and major donors all look at fundraising participation as a key indicator of satisfaction. If the community stands behind the school, those organizations will see Bear Creek as deserving of their support.

The Impact of Your Gift