Strategic Plan 2024

In this Strategic Plan, our vision is to further invest in the people who are at the heart of The Bear Creek School experience. Our plan is to secure the mission of The Bear Creek School by making missional work a realistic possibility in the Redmond area, developing the future leadership of The Bear Creek School, and leveraging innovative lessons of the pandemic around staffing resources.

Strategies for the People plank of the plan include:

  • Identify and develop the next generation of school leadership.
  • Establish intentional enrollment and employee targets which mirror the changing Eastside population, while maintaining and growing our classical and Christian distinctiveness.
  • Deepen and solidify the future of our classical and Christian educational model by creating a new faculty and staff onboarding program and continuing strategic professional development.
  • Create an active outreach plan to local, regional, national, and international communities which are missionally aligned to share best practices and skills.