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Summer Camp FAQ

Are Bear Creek Summer Camps open to the public?


What types of camps are offered?

Camps fall into one of four categories

  • Sports and Athletics
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Science and Technology
  • Academic and Life Skills.

Who will teach/coach the camps?

Camps are taught mainly by Bear Creek teachers and coaches. Some outside organizations will also host camps. Additionally, in some camps students in Bear Creek’s Upper School will assist the teachers and coaches in a voluntary capacity.

What are the dates for the Bear Creek Summer Camps?

Week 1: June 11-15
Week 2: June 18-22
Week 3: June 25-29
Closed July 2-6
Week 4: July 9-13
Week 5: July 16-20
Week 6: July 23-27
Week 7: July 310 - August 3
Week 8: August 6-10
Week 9: August 13-17

All camps run for a full week (5 days). All camps are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to availability and age requirements. See a full calendar of camps.

What are camp hours?

We offer two, three, and six hour per day camps.

Note: Due to State law, students entering preschool and prekindergarten may only sign-up for half-day camps.

Is extended day care available?

Extended day care is not available before or after camp. However, lunch supervision is provided free for all students enrolled in a full-day camp.

Is there a class size limit for camps?

Yes, there is a class size cap of 20 for non-sports camps and 60 for sports camps. KidsQuest camps are capped at 45 campers per week. Some camps have a lower capacity. The seats available are indicated in the camp description.

How much will it cost a student to take part in a Summer Camp?

The cost of camp varies according to the length of the camp.

Note: Some camps have additional materials or consumable costs, which are reflected in the advertised camp fee.

How do I register for a camp or class?

The process for registration is completely online from start to finish. Please go to and click on the Register Now link. Once you register your child, you will pay at the end of the online process via credit card or debit card. All payments are due at the time of registration. There is no billing.

What about refunds?

Through June 1, The Bear Creek School may, upon written request, issue a full refund (less a 5% cancellation charge) to registrants who wish to cancel.

No refunds will be rewarded after June 1 except at the discretion of the Director. No refunds will be awarded to campers who are “no shows” (do not attend camp and do not notify the camp office of their cancellation prior to June 1). Refunds are not issued if a child is dismissed due to disciplinary action. The Bear Creek School reserves the right to cancel programs or sessions based on insufficient enrollment. In this event, a full refund for the specific camp will be issued.

What is the process for the first day of camp?

Please drop off your son or daughter directly in the classroom or athletics area where the camp is being taught.

If you are not sure of the location, please drop by the Summer Camp registration desk (entrance of the Main Building at Redmond Campus or at Valley Campus for KidsQuest Children's Museum camps) and pick up a map of the facility, indicating where camps are being taught.

The initial sign-in process on Day 1 takes about 5-10 minutes, so please leave enough time. After the camp is over each day, please pick up your child promptly from the same location. We ask that parents of students in grade 6 or below check in directly with the camp teacher at the start and end of camp each day.

What about attendance policy?

Days missed during a camp session cannot be made up at another session. We do not prorate a camp for days missed due to vacations, illness, or other activities.

Can a child switch to another camp after having registered for something else?

The switching of weeks and/or programs during camp may only be approved by the Summer Camp Director; no refunds or partial refunds will be administered due to a switch and in some cases, if the cost of the new session is greater than the session being replaced, the price difference will be charged to the camper. All changes are based on availability and age requirements.

What if my son or daughter needs to take medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) during Summer Camp?

Emergency Medications: If you wish to supply emergency medication, such as an EpiPen or inhaler, for staff to administer should the need arise, please complete the Summer Camp Emergency Medication Authorization, have your physician complete, and return to the Summer Camp Director prior to the start of camp. Either mail the form to Bear Creek Summer Camp, 8905 208th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053, or scan the form and email a PDF to

Summer Camp staff will not administer medication, other than emergency medication such as an EpiPen or an inhaler, but students in grades 7 and above may self-administer medication with parent permission and a doctor’s authorization. Print the Summer Camp Medication Authorization, have your physician complete, and return to the Summer Camp Director prior to the start of camp. Either mail the form to Bear Creek Summer Camp, 8905 208th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053, or scan the form and email a PDF to

Students in grades 6 and below are not permitted to self-medicate; instead a parent must come to school to administer his or her child’s medication if needed.

What is the dress code?

Free Dress! For all camps, we request that students be neat, casual, and modest. For sports camps, please wear modest clothing that is appropriate to the respective sport.

Does Summer Camp provide lunch?

The Bear Creek cafeteria is closed during the summer. Students enrolled in full-day camps should bring a lunch packed in a sturdy lunchbox along with proper freezer packs to keep the food cool. Lunchboxes will be stored indoors.

Some full-day camps also request that you pack your child a snack in a smaller separate lunch box. Please put your child’s name on all lunch boxes, water bottles, and any other items that he/she brings to camp. Please do not send your child’s lunch in a brown paper bag or plastic bag. While we are not a peanut-free environment, we do make a special effort to reserve a “peanut-free” table for those who have allergies.

What about insurance?

All parents/guardians are responsible for the payment of all insurance and medical bills.

How will Summer Camp communicate with me?

Email will be the primary form of communication between you and the Summer Camp office. If your email changes, please notify as soon as possible so that you can receive correspondences from camp directors.

Is transportation provided between camps at two different locations?

Bear Creek does not provide any transportation from one camp location to another. If your child is enrolled in morning and afternoon camps at different locations, a parent must pick his or her child up at the end of the morning camp and is responsible for transporting the child to the afternoon camp location.

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