Surface Pro Distribution - Fall 2022

  • Upper School
Carol Miller, Upper School Division Head

Dear Parents and Students,

As part of Strategic Plan 2024, we are continuing to invest in innovative tools which enhance our Christian liberal arts curriculum and individualize student instruction and assessment. This investment builds on our Strategic Plan 2020 Dare to Dream, which included developing ways for The Bear Creek School to deliver a high-quality Christian liberal arts education which prepares students for the world in which they live, including being innovative in our approaches to instruction and assessment—in other words, to accomplish the vision of a Christian liberal arts education in light of the contemporary world.

Over the last six years, there have been several initiatives aimed at accomplishing this goal, including:

  • modifying our curriculum so that all students are exposed to computer programming at an early age;
  • developing innovation labs in each division; and
  • hiring specialists to help us think well about design thinking, project-based learning, and innovation in general.

And over the course of the past few years, we have been using technology in the Middle School and Upper School to help us differentiate instruction and assessment for students. Middle School and Upper School faculty have earned Digital Citizenship certification from Common Sense Media® and have completed certification as Microsoft Innovative Educators.

With all this intentional planning and preparation, we launched Phase 3 in the 2019 – 2020 academic year, which included piloting Microsoft Surface Pro devices with teachers and students in grades 11 and 12. In 2020 – 2021, we expanded this program to include all Upper School students.

Digital Citizenship Training

Prior to picking up their Surface Pro 7 Plus devices, each student must complete the interactive digital citizenship training in best practices for protecting your safety and privacy online. It takes about 20 minutes to watch the video and answer the questions.

Note: Each student must create an Edpuzzle account using his/her real first and last name so we will know who has completed the training.

Complete Student Training

Parents may also watch the training video or review the training slides but please do not create an account in Edpuzzle! We hope this video encourages a family dialogue regarding online privacy and safety.


We invite students to pick up their Surface Pro 7 Plus devices on Monday, August 22, in the Nagel Commons as part of the Upper School Student Orientation which begins at 9:00 a.m. Students must complete the Digital Citizenship Training prior to receiving their Surface Pro devices. Students will receive their new Surfaces, and we will unbox and set them up together to ensure that all students are able to install Office 365 properly. Tech support will be available. We expect the process to set up the devices and get them up and running to take just about one hour. Orientation will conclude at 11:30 a.m.

If you are unable to pick up your device on August 22, please contact Linda Graham (


Repairs and replacements on these devices will be managed via the device warranty. Each device automatically comes with a one-year warranty. Additionally, families may purchase accidental damage insurance through a third party.

While students may choose to opt out of this program, we believe it will be advantageous for them to use the same devices as their faculty. If you would like to opt out of this program, please contact Director of Information Technology Veronica Mickelsen (

We look forward to students picking up their devices and for the many ways they will engage with them during class. Please reach out to Mrs. Graham or me if you have any questions.

In His grip of grace,

Carol Miller
Division Head