Senior Class Update: Senior Blast and More - January 2022

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Carol Miller, Upper School Division Head, and Kevin Davison, Upper School Dean of Students

Dear Parents of the Class of 2022,

I hope you will join us on Tuesday, January 25, at 8:00 a.m., for a discussion about year-end senior class traditions and events including Senior Blast, the Class of 2022 social media recognition campaign, Senior Capstone Projects, Prom, and Commencement Week.

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Senior Blast

It is with pleasure that we open the registration for Senior Blast 2022! Senior Blast is one of our favorite events each year. These two days provide a fun and relaxing time of senior class bonding and business as they enter the final quarter of their senior year. Outgoing seniors often reflect that Senior Blast was one of their favorite events during their time in Upper School. We are excited that we have worked as a team to apply our COVID-19 safety protocols to make it happen this year.

When: We will depart on Monday, March 7. Seniors should arrive by 9:00 a.m. for attendance and last-minute announcements in the Upper School's Nagel Commons. We will return to campus around 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 8.

Where: Tucked away in a wooded area in nearby Leavenworth, WA, Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort has been our Senior Blast destination for many years. The accommodations are beautiful, the food is excellent, and there are plenty of things for students to do both inside and out. There are two interior meeting halls as well as plenty of seating for outdoor meetings. Students should bring cold weather gear so they are prepared to spend some time outside and are encouraged to also pack some games if they wish to spend free time inside. Download the packing list and itinerary.

Registration: Complete the consent form(s) in the health portal by Friday, January 28, so that we can finalize lodging and transportation. Log into Magnus Health on the app or use your browser to find the three new to-do items on your senior’s Student Health Tracker (four items for 18-year-old students):

  • Senior Blast Trip Consent and Liability Release (answer Yes/No to this item and complete the transportation and lodging questions)
  • 18YO Senior Blast Trip Consent and Liability Release (only for students who will turn 18 on or before March 7, 2022)
  • Senior Blast Trip Authorization for Student to Self-Administer Medication (answer No if not applicable)
  • Senior Blast Trip Dietary Needs (answer No if not applicable)

Safety Accommodations

This year Bear Creek has taken extra precautions to enable this special overnight event. The following protocols are in place:

  • All seniors must provide a negative COVID-19 test prior to the event. We will send details about testing in February.
  • Bear Creek has reserved the entire Sleeping Lady facility. In the past, we have only rented the rooms we needed and shared the facility with other visitors. This year, we will be the only guests on site.
  • There are enough cabins to accommodate those who prefer their child to have a single room. If you are comfortable with your child sharing a room with another student, the consent form will give you an option to indicate so and with whom your child would like to room.
  • Meals will be served buffet style. The entire dining hall is reserved for our group. Students may take their meals outside or to their cabins for more comfortable dining if that is preferred. We are working with Sleeping Lady staff to ensure that the seating arrangement conforms to COVID-19 protocols.
  • We plan to reserve extra buses. Each year we transport seniors in luxury coaches that are ready to scale Stevens Pass in any condition. We will reserve extra buses so that students can sit physically distant on the bus with windows down for ventilation. Also, parents are welcome to transport students to and from the facility if that is a preference. You will indicate your transportation preference on the consent form as well. To abide by our COVID-19 protocols and insurance requirements, students may not drive themselves to and from the facility, nor may parents carpool students from another family to and from the facility.
  • All event meetings will be scheduled in locations with proper ventilation and physical distance.
  • And, of course, our ability to hold this event will be closely evaluated with any governmental guidelines that come out between now and the event date.

I appreciate your partnership and patience with us as we work to hold this special event for our seniors while meeting safety protections.

Senior Social Recognition

Celebrating Seniors on Social Media

We would like to honor our graduating seniors on social media, and our Marketing and Communications team needs your help. Please encourage your senior to take some time to:

  • Thoughtfully fill out this survey.
  • Send some photos for inclusion in our social media posts. Desired photos include:
    • One picture from the student’s first year at Bear Creek.
    • One or two meaningful pictures as an Upper School Bear Creek student. Vidigami may be a good source for this. 
    • The school already has each senior's portrait, so it is not necessary to resubmit that photo.

We need the survey responses and pictures by Monday, February 14. Beginning the week of February 28, after Mid-Winter Break, we will recognize four seniors each week, continuing through the beginning of June. Seniors may submit photos with the survey or email them to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christus Victor,

Kevin Davison
Dean of Students

Carol Miller
Division Head

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