Headmaster Update: Welcoming New Families - Early-August 2020

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Patrick Carruth, President and Headmaster

As we move closer to the launch of the school year, we are continually mindful of the importance of community to The Bear Creek School experience. This year, we have 80 new families and 138 newly enrolled students whom we are excited to welcome into our community!

Since the current restrictions due to the pandemic mean we will be unable to hold some of our traditional events in person to get to know one another, we are developing virtual alternatives. The Preschool and Lower School play dates have been changed to online connections with mentor parents as has the Early Middle School scavenger hunt. New families will receive individual invitations to these virtual connections. We are striving to develop ways for all of our students to meet or connect with their teachers and classmates before the year starts as well.

I want to encourage our “veteran” Bear Creek families to reach out to the new families in your child’s grade as soon as class lists become available in late August and make an extra effort to connect as adults, as well. Let’s show our new families what #grizzliestogether is all about!

Additionally, as many public schools have opted for remote learning in the fall, you may be wondering if our plans have changed. As of the today, we are still moving forward with our original plan: synchronous on-campus and remote instruction through Bear Creek Choice. Please see Learning Together Fall 2020 on our website for more details. As always, if circumstances dictate, we will communicate changes as soon as possible. 

Throughout the remainder of the summer, more detailed information about the new school year will be heading to your inbox, including invitations to another series of Town Halls on August 24 and 28. Please be sure to read the emails and attend a Town Hall, as we strive to give you and your children the most current information to start the school year off strong.

I am grateful for your partnership and participation in making The Bear Creek School community an amazing place to be #grizzliestogether.

Grace and peace,

Patrick Carruth
President and Headmaster

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