2021 – 2022 Rising Freshman Course Preferencing Instructions

  • Academic Planning
  • Registrar
  • Upper School
James Woollard, Registrar

Selecting Grade 9 Courses

As an incoming freshman, automatically scheduled classes include:

  • math (next sequential course),
  • Christian studies,
  • health,
  • English, and
  • history.

Students will need to select:

  • a science course (Note: The recommended course for freshmen is Conceptual Physics. Students wishing to opt for another science course should speak with the Dean of Academic Advising Emily Schuldt prior to course selection. Contact Mrs. Schuldt at eschuldt@tbcs.org to arrange an appointment.); 
  • a language course (Spanish I, French I, or Latin II); and
  • three ranked electives (Y=year-long course, S=semester course). In Upper School, students typically are enrolled in two semester-length electives each year. Selecting one additional elective gives the Registrar flexibility in case the student cannot get into his or her first choices.

Use Upper School Course Catalog (see the Course Planning Grid near the end) to inform your choices. 

Review With Parent

Parents, please work together with your child as he/she makes these choices. On the Parent Portal (accessible via the "My Parent Portal" button on the MyBC/Parents page), you may review your child's requests using the "Course Requests" link found on the Links tab to the right of your child's picture.

Request Grade 9 Courses on Student Portal

Beginning March 1, rising freshmen may enter course preferences via the online Student Portal. First log in on MyBC/Students, then click the "My Student Portal" button. The Student Portal will open on a new tab. Now select the Course Requests button at the top right of the portal page. 

Student Portal Course Requests

Math, Christian studies, health, English, and history classes have already been scheduled (look for them listed at the top of the page).

As students determine which science, language, and elective classes they would like to take:

  • Use the green "+" (add) button on the left of the course name to indicate a selection. Ignore course options that are not relevant to you.
  • After adding a class, it will appear at the top of the page and at that point, students may make notes, as well as use the drop-down menus to indicate "Priority" and which semester ("Term") they would like to take the class (electives only).  
  • On all course selections, please ignore the "Level" drop-down menu. On core subject area selections, please ignore the "Priority" and "Term" drop-down menus.
  • Click 'delete' to remove any accidentally added classes.
  • There is no need to save or submit your selections (once chosen, your selections are automatically saved); you may continue to make changes to your preferences until March 9..

Please keep in mind that, though we do our best to honor student preferences, classes are not guaranteed.

Please complete course preference selections by Tuesday, March 9. Please contact Registrar James Woollard at jwoollard@tbcs.org with any questions.