Summer Packet 2018


Following these seven steps will enable you to complete the Summer Packet simultaneously for all enrolled children. The Summer Packet captures most information online (although you may need to print, sign, and submit a few forms).

Need help? Confused? Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers).

Please read carefully. These instructions are lengthy, detailed, and a little bit convoluted.

  • You will find these instructions much easier to follow from your laptop rather than your phone.
  • A Chinese translation of these instructions is also available. Contact International Advisor Vivian Hom ( for additional assistance.

STEP #1 — Review Emergency Form (REQUIRED)

First log in on the Parents page on Bear Creek’s website (MyBC/Parents). 

Note: New parents may now use their Bear Creek credentials (previously used on the Admission Portal) to access the Parent Portal and other password protected pages on this site.

Next click the "My Parent Portal" button. This will take you to your Parent Portal home page where you can review your child’s Emergency Information form (see the Links tab near your child's picture). It is especially important to review the Emergency Information Forms for (younger) children who may have entered The Bear Creek School after their (older) siblings. Double check that all your children have the correct emergency contacts and primary care provider listed.

This form is used by the school any time your child visits the health room; it accompanies students on field trips; and should your child ever need to be transported to the hospital, this form will be sent along with him or her.

Review the family, contact, and medical information needed for the Student and Emergency Information form. To make changes to any of the information on the Emergency Information form, follow the instructions in Step #2.

STEP #2 — Update Your Profile (REQUIRED)

To access Parent Portal from the MyBC/Parents, first log in, then click the "My Parent Portal" button.

To update the information on the Emergency Information form, click the "My Profile" button on the Parent Portal home screen or "My Profile" at the top navbar of the Parent Portal.

Follow these instructions:

Please Note: Submitted and saved updates do not appear immediately, but will be sent to the school nurse and student information system manager for processing. Updates will be reflected on your Household Profile, your child’s Medical Profile, and your child’s emergency form within 1-2 business days.

  1. In the Family Information section, review and update your address and personal contact information.
  2. In the Family Information section, review and update your employer(s).
  3. In the Medical Information section, review your household doctors and family insurance. We need your provider and group number in case your child should need to go to the emergency room.
  4. In the Medical Information section, also review your child’s Medical Profile (there's also a Medical Profile tab at the top of the page). When updating your child's Medical Profile, use the “+ Add a new request” drop down list to select parts of the Medical Profile which need updated information. This includes:
    • Allergies with triggers and symptoms. Be as descriptive and complete as possible.
    • Current medications. Be sure to list all medications your child takes on a regular basis (prescribed, over-the-counter, or naturopathic) at home or during school hours. Include allergy, ADD/ADHD, migraine, and emergency medications such as epinephrine and inhalers.
    • General medical notes.
    • Medications allowed. Nine over-the-counter medications may be provided at school. You may specify which, if any, we may administer to your child using the drop down menu. Unless you specify “all medications,” only medications specifically listed will be administered to your child.
  5. Click Submit when you have completed all updates to your child’s Medical Profile.
  6. In the Household Contacts section, click Contacts for My Children. Please ensure that four individual contacts (and no more) are designated as “emergency contacts” by selecting “yes” from the drop down menu when editing each contact. (We need four individual emergency contacts, preferably three local and one out of state, so we may contact them if you cannot be reached.)
  7. In the Household Contacts section, click Pickup Authorization. Designate contacts who may pick up your child at the end of the regular school day.
  8. Review your household and individual password-protected portal Directory Preferences.
  9. To ensure your parents receive their invitation to Grandparents Day on October 18, 2018, be sure to provide or update their information on your Household Profile. A save-the-date postcard was mailed in early July to those grandparents for whom we had mailing addresses. Grandparents Day is always hugely popular and includes classroom visits, Chapel, and other activities for grandparents and students in kindergarten to grade 12. At the beginning of every school year we send Grizzly Grams to all our students' grandparents (P-12), providing them an opportunity to send their grandchildren a back-to-school message. Grandparents also receive Modus Vivendi, our twice-yearly school magazine.

STEP #3 — Complete Summer Packet Policy Form (REQUIRED)

To access Parent Portal from the MyBC/Parents, first log in, then click the "My Parent Portal" button.

The Summer Packet policy form is also found on your Parent Portal. From the Parent Portal home screen, click the School Policies button, or if you just finished updating your Profile, you will see a School Policies tab near the top of the page.

Open the Summer Packet online policy form and complete each section. Remember that you can complete it for all your enrolled children simultaneously. Be sure to click the Save Policies button at the top of the page to save your responses.

STEP #4 — Submit Required Paper Forms

Don’t forget to print, complete, sign, and submit any necessary forms in the office of either building at Redmond Campus. Alternately, you may mail the forms to:

The Bear Creek School
8905 208th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98053

Form I-20 students may fax these items to 1-425-898-1430 or email scanned forms to International Advisor Vivian Hom (

Student Forms

Parent Volunteer Forms

Volunteer forms will NOT be processed without the required attachments.

STEP #5 — Sign Up for Sports and After School Programs

Register for Middle School (grades 6-8) and Upper School (9-12) Fall Sports by August 9.

Fall Sports

Cubs Club extends the school day for P3, P4, and P5.

Cubs Club

Bear Creek Plus provides after school programs for grades K-12 including academic teams. (Check back later if the team or class for which you would like to register your child is not yet available.)

Bear Creek Plus

STEP #6 — Get Ready: Bus, Parking, Yearbooks, Uniforms, School Supplies, Summer Assignments, and More

These links will be helpful to you as you prepare for the new school year:

Bus Service: Bear Creek offers morning and afternoon bus service to and from the Bellevue/Kirkland and Issaquah/Sammamish communities. Please note: our ridership policy has changed. All K-12 students may ride the morning buses. In the afternoon, K-4 students may only ride when accompanied by an older sibling in grades 5-12.

Food Services: Deposit funds into your family's lunch account.

Place an Order: Use this combined order form to place an order for a yearbook, memory book, senior class sweatshirt, and/or student parkingOrder deadlines vary. Please check order form for details. 

School Uniforms: Use these graphical guides and ordering information to prepare for the school year. 

School Supplies Lists: Use these lists to shop locally or online.

Summer Reading and Assignments: reading and math for most students

Family Handbook: Log in on the MyBC/Parents page to review. The 2018-2019 edition has been published.

The 2018-2019 Yearly Planner has all the first days of school, school holidays, and last days of school listed.

Senior yearbook items are due on October 1.

STEP #7 — Get Involved

Support 2018-2019 Grizzlies Booster Club and 2018-2019 Friends of the Arts!

Join Boosters     Join FOA

There are many ways for parents to get involved at school:

Volunteer Opportunities

Upcoming Events

Summer Hours

The main offices in both buildings at Redmond Campus are open Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., closed Fridays, through August 14. Beginning August 15 – 24 the offices are open 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m., open Fridays. Regular office hours resume Monday, August 27. The offices are closed daily between noon – 1:00 p.m. for lunch. 

The libraries in the Main Building at Redmond Campus are open on Wednesdays, July 11 – August 22, 3:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

The Preschool Office at Valley Campus is closed in July and August. Regular office hours resume Tuesday, September 4.


Parents, you will receive email reminders only if your Summer Packet online policies or paper forms are incomplete. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) if you have questions about how to complete the Summer Packet or why you received a reminder. Alternately, feel free to contact Sini Fernandez (

Frequently Asked Questions