Upper School

This page contains information for new students in grades 9 – 12 and their parents. Please bookmark this page so you can follow up on all the information provided below as it is updated throughout the spring and summer.


Parent Orientation

If you missed the parent orientation meeting this spring, please watch the recording. We will host parent and student orientation events in August.

Preparing for a New School

Course Preferences

Students are not enrolled in courses until the New Student Course Preferences form has been received. Since some classes fill up quickly, please take the following steps as soon as possible:

  1. Review the Upper School Course Catalog and additional Course Selection resources.
  2. Book an academic advising appointment with Dean of Academic Advising Emily Schuldt (eschuldt@tbcs.org) beginning in March.
  3. Complete the New Student Course Preferences form online. Also see Math Placement below.

If you have questions regarding courses, please contact James Woollard, Registrar, at registrar@tbcs.org.

Portal Access

Parents of newly enrolled students may access the New Parent Portal using the same credentials they used to log in to the Admissions Portal. If necessary, click the drop-down menu on the column at the top portal page to switch from the Admissions Portal to the New Parent Portal. Using the same credentials, in mid-July, parents will receive access to the Parent Portal and health portal and should complete Back-to-School Registration at that time.

Portal Login

On the New Parent Portal, parents may edit contact information and view their billing account. Also, please bookmark this page as well as MyBC/Parents both of which contain lots of useful links.

If you have any questions about accessing the New Parent Portal, Parent Portal, or Magnus Health, please email Communications Manager Sini Fernandez (sfernandez@tbcs.org).

Tuition Payment

Whether opting for monthly payments or a single annual payment, sign up for a FACTS Tuition Management account no later than April 1, 2022. The first payment is due on May 5. The annual fee for FACTS is $45 per household (waived if tuition and facility fee are paid in full).

If you already have a FACTS account and need to add a new student, please contact Carol Willard, Accounts Receivable Specialist, at 425-898-1720 ext. 304 or cwillard@tbcs.org.

Families receiving tuition assistance, or any other credit, or enrolling late will have their accounts adjusted after the FACTS account is set up. Contact Carol Willard to verify monthly amount due.

Immunization Requirement

Washington State law (RCW 28A.210.080) requires that all children enrolled at a public or private school must have documentation of the required immunizations or an exemption in order to attend school, preschool, or childcare, including those attending an alternative school program such as Running Start, vocational technical school, or virtual school. The immunization records must be on file at the school on or before the first day of attendance.

On or before the first day of attendance, all new students and all returning preschool, kindergarten, and grade 7 students must upload a medically verified Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form to the health portal by the summer deadline. Children cannot attend school until these records are provided. We cannot accept any forms that have been mailed, emailed, or dropped off.

A medically verified Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS) form is a:

  • CIS printed by a health care provider from the Washington State Immunization Information System (IIS). This is medically verified by the Immunization Information System.
  • CIS printed from MyIR which is a free Department of Health online tool that allows families to view and print their official immunization records themselves. This is medically verified by the Immunization Information System. You can access your child’s immunization record at any time by signing up for MyIR at wa.MyIR.net
  • CIS completed by hand. 
    • Must be verified with a health care provider signature
    • Must have medical vaccination records attached so it can be verified for accuracy by school staff

If your child is on a delayed schedule, also have your child's health care provider complete and sign the Certificate of Exemption. See Health Services for more information or contact Lea Hysom, school nurse, at lea.hysom@tbcs.org if you have any questions about your child's immunization records.

Note: The COVID-19 vaccination is not required for students to attend school. However, if your student is vaccinated for COVID-19, please complete the optional COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card requirement by uploading your child's completed COVID-19 vaccine card or medically verified CIS containing the COVID-19 vaccine dose dates.

Math Placement

New Upper School students are placed in the next in sequence math course based on report cards/transcripts and information provided during the student interview. Placement tests are given on a case-by-case basis only if necessary. If the math curriculum at the prior school does not match the curriculum at Bear Creek, or if there are questions about his/her preparation, students may request or be asked to take a math placement exam to ensure that he/she is placed in the proper course to ensure his/her success.

Please contact Dean of Academic Advising Emily Schuldt (eschuldt@tbcs.org) for questions about math placement or to schedule a math placement exam.

Summer Assignments

After math placement has been determined, students should complete the appropriate summer assignments.

Summer Camp

This summer we are offering a limited selection of sports-only camps. Registration and details online at www.tbcs.org/summer. Camps are for just for Bear Creek's students (re-enrolled and newly enrolled) in grades 1 – 12.

School Uniforms

Information about uniform guidelines, dress days, and online ordering can be found on the School Uniforms page.

School Supplies

Bear Creek provides most materials for our students; however, there are some school supplies that parents must purchase for their children.

Back-to-School Registration

Your child's Back-to-School Registration opens in July and is due by August 4 and must be complete before your child may attend school. Look for email in mid-July announcing that it is ready for your attention.

Fall Sports

Upper School fall sports include boys and girls cross country, boys golf, girls soccer, boys tennis, and girls volleyball. Fall sports registration opens in mid-July and is due by August 4. Bear Creek requires our student-athletes to receive an annual physical exam. Please download and print the Physical Examination and Medical Eligibility forms and bring them with you to your child's doctor's appointment. Submit the signed forms online in July during Back-to-School Registration.

If your child is interested in participating in sports at Bear Creek (regardless of season), please feel free to contact our Athletic Director Chad Pohlman at cpohlman@tbcs.org so he can get you connected to the head coach. Many of our sports teams have summer programming, strength and conditioning, open gyms/fields, as well as camps and clinics in which we encourage your child to participate.

Academic Teams

Bear Creek offers math and forensics (speech and debate) opportunities to Upper School students. Registration available with Back-to-School Registration.

Drop-off and Pick-up

Review our campus maps to familiarize yourself with the morning and afternoon routines.

Mark Your Calendar

At the top of every webpage, you'll see the link to the School Calendar which can be filtered according to your child's division (or check out the special Upper School Calendar). Parents and students may subscribe to the various sub-calendar feeds and/or subscribe to email/text alerts for specific events or calendars.

Inside Bear Creek

As part of your orientation to Bear Creek, please plan to join Patrick Carruth, President and Headmaster, and Mariana Keller, Senior Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement, at Inside Bear Creek in the fall. This gathering will provide you with important practical information about how to get involved in the Bear Creek community as a parent, an understanding of how the school functions beyond the classrooms, and an opportunity to connect with other new families. Look for an email in early September with more details.


By Division

Preschool (P3 – P5)

Lower School (grades K – 4)

Middle School (grades 5 – 8)

Upper School (grades 9 – 12)

By Department

Tuition and Fees

  • Business Operations Manager Kathleen Lewis, klewis@tbcs.org, 425-898-1720, ext. 302

Giving or Volunteering

  • Senior Director of Philanthropy and Community Engagement Mariana Keller, mkeller@tbcs.org, 425-898-1720 ext. 340


Health Services

  • Director of Health Services and School Nurse Lea Hysom, lea.hysom@tbcs.org, 425-898-1720 ext. 399

Back-to-School Registration


  • Athletics Director Chad Pohlman, cpohlman@tbcs.org, 425-898-1720 ext. 431 (grades 9 – 12 sports)
  • Middle School Athletics Director Nate Campbell, ncampbell@tbcs.org, 425-898-1720 ext. 430 (grades 6 – 8 sports)

College and Academic Advising


  • Director of Admissions Christie Hazeltine, admissions@tbcs.org
  • Admissions Associate Carrie Nordberg, cnordberg@tbcs.org (Designated School Official for Form I-20 students, also coordinates Parent Mentor program)

Also check out the online directory of faculty and staff.