Microsoft Office 365

Student Accounts

Students have been assigned a Microsoft Office 365 account. Teachers in grades 4 – 12 will use Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps this year across their classes. Teachers will explain specific uses to their students. In grades P – 6, Microsoft Teams will be used for teacher/parent communication, replacing the class newsletter.

  1. Log in at using the username and temporary password provided.
  2. Provide an authentication email address and phone number so you can reset the password.
  3. Change the account password (see gear icon in upper right of browser page) and set up password reset so your account will connect at school and at home. Follow these detailed instructions carefully.
  4. Download the Office 365 desktop apps by clicking the red button "Install Office" in the upper right of the page. Be patient, this may take a few minutes.
Office 365 Install

Parental Controls

If you wish to install software on your child's device (i.e., anti-virus/malware software), and if you prefer to have parental controls, it's not hard to configure. Here's an article explaining how to set parental controls for Windows 10.

Common Sense Media provides age-appropriate curriculum on good digital citizenship

Using Teams

  1. Learn how to join a Teams meeting. (Note: Check the School Calendar or The Bear Facts for meeting links which are included in the details for online events.)
  2. How to add multiple accounts to the Teams mobile app.
  3. Teams Quick Start Guide for Students