Drop-off and Pick-up

2023 – 2024

Note: Bear Creek will not offer bus service during the 2023 – 2024 school year. Carpooling is encouraged (see the bottom of this page).

Also see Daily Schedules and Parking pages. Authorized pick-up contacts are designated on your Household Profile (learn how).

Designating Pick-up Contacts

To update your child's contacts, click My Profile in the navbar at the top of your Parent Portal.

Then, in the Household Contacts section, click Contacts for My Children. You will find cards for contacts previously identified with pickup authorization. Use the blue Edit button to check the box next to your child(ren')s name(s) to indicate who each contact may pick up.

Use the + Add New button to add additional pick-up authorized contacts.

Contacts for My Children on Household Profile

Note: Health emergency contacts will be collected on your child's Vital Health Record on the health portal.


Current Bear Creek families interested in forming a carpool with other Bear Creek families may access our school directory.

  1. Log in on MyBC/Parents, then select Parent Portal. (New parents will have access to the Parent Portal in mid-July.)
  2. The Parent Portal will open in a new tab. Select the School Directories button (or Directories at the top of the page).
  3. On the Households tab, look at Nearby Student Households for a list of Bear Creek families who live close to you with contact information and grade levels of children in each family. Given the unique nature of each family’s transportation needs, we encourage you to contact other families and design a plan that is most convenient for you.