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Kindergarten Curriculum: October 19-23

Literacy: Building our stamina as readers while reading “Good Fit Books”, word families, phonograms/ASL X, Y & Z, handwriting/letter formation, orange heart words and songs: ABC ASL, “L-I-K-E Spells Like”, “Have You Ever Spelled Have” and “I can! C-a-n”, start pumpkin reading packets
Math: Graphing, skip counting by 10’s & 5’s, time to the hour, identifying and counting dimes and pennies, story problems, addition concept, number club, math workbooks, start pumpkin math packets
Writing: Writers Workshop - Continue narrative writing   *Pencil Box, writing folder
Bible: Day-by-Day Bible readings & The Ten Commandments
Sharing Topic: This week - Show us something that begins with the first letter of your name. Next week – Free Choice


Teacher Tip: Pumpkin Carving Home Connection

We have been hearing a lot about our students getting ready for fall festivities! Many students have shared they have bought, or are going to buy, pumpkins very soon. We imagine many families may have plans for carving or decorating their pumpkins, and we wanted to offer some fun activities that you could integrate with this as well:

•    Weigh the pumpkins to see the differences between the heaviest and lightest
•    Guess how many seeds are inside each pumpkin before carving
•    Count the pumpkin seeds as you remove them from the pumpkin
•    Place seeds in groups of 5 or 10 and practice skip counting by 5’s/10’s
•    Introduce classification properties or descriptive adjectives (bumpy, smooth, tall, short, big stem, no stem)

We hope you all find safe, fun ways to celebrate the fall season and all that comes with it. Please let us know if you have any questions.  


Parent Volunteer Opportunities

The partnership between parents and teachers is a wonderful and unique part of our Bear Creek community. Parents play a key role in their child's education and can also profoundly impact the lives of their child's classmates as well! We understand parent volunteering may look a little different at this point in time, but we would still love you to be a part of our classroom remotely. Below are two parent volunteer opportunities we hope you would consider participating in this year:

  • Teach a lesson on something you are passionate about or an “expert”.
    • Please consider age appropriate topics and Bear Creek’s Christian worldview. Examples:
      • Cultural traditions or holidays.
      • Science
      • Seasonal
  • Mystery Reader
    • Sign-up for an opportunity to read a story remotely to your child’s class.
    • Choose a favorite book and have it approved by your child’s teacher.

Please contact your child's teacher if you are interested in volunteering in this way, and she will be happy to schedule this special time! Thank you!

Dressing For the Weather

Fall is in full swing and with that God brings cooler weather. Please send your child to school with a jacket for recess. Rain boots can also be very helpful! Thank you for making sure these items are labeled with your child’s name. We look forward to enjoying the outdoors with your children, rain or shine!

No School on October 16 and 19

On October 16, during PS/LS teacher in-service and EMS/MS/US parent/teacher conferences, and on October 19, during the teacher in-service, the main offices will be closed at both Redmond Campus and Valley Campus.

Fall Fun for Grades K – 4

To celebrate the fall season, Lower School students are invited to dress up on Friday, October 30. Students will get to show off their costumes and participate in a fun outdoor activity designed by our amazing PTF. We encourage students joining remotely to dress up as well. We want to see everyone's costume! (Please follow free dress guidelines; also no scary costumes.)

Tools for Success: Understanding Your Child's Personality and Temperament
Tools for Success: Understanding Your Child's Personality and Temperament

Parents will be equipped to support and encourage each child’s temperament and discover how God uses different personalities for His purposes. Join us online as Denise Peeler, Language Specialist at The Bear Creek School, shares how a child’s personality affects his/her learning, relationships with classmates, and interactions at home. Intended audience: parents with children in preschool through grade 6.

Wednesday, October 21
9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.


Memory Verse


Upcoming Events

Be sure to review the calendar on this page for a list of all the student activities scheduled for next week!