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Kindergarten Curriculum: September 21-25

Reading: How to pick a “Good Fit Book”, building our stamina as readers, Phonograms/ASL - G, H, I and J, handwriting/letter formation, Star Names (“God Knows Your Name”), September Heart Words, Pete the Cat activities, Songs: ABC ASL, “The-I-Chant” and “I Always Start My Letters at the Top”

Math: Patterning, skip counting by 10’s & 5’s, number writing 1-30, introduce Number Club and Math workbooks, identifying and counting pennies

Writing: Launch Writers Workshop: putting ideas on paper with pictures and words and “When we are done, we have just begun!”

Bible: Day-by-Day Bible readings and Creation Books

How to Choose a "Good Fit Book"

As we learn more about reading this year, it is very important for your child to find and read books that interest them and are at their reading level. We call these “good fit”, or “just right” books.  This helps students focus their energy and attention on goals that fit their needs as developing readers. Below are two useful tools to help children choose “Good Fit” books independently. You can support your child in this process by using these tools to pick books just right for them at home.


I – I choose my own books

P – Purpose: Why am I reading it?

I – Interest: Do I like it?

C – Comprehend: Do I understand it?

K – Know: Do I know most of the words? (Use the 5-Finger Check)

The 5-Finger Check

The Big Question?

  • Is this book easy, a little tricky, or too hard for me to read by myself?

Student Directions:

  • Open a book to any page and begin reading.
  • When you get to a word you can’t read, put up your thumb.
  • For each word you can’t read, put up another finger.
  • Keep reading to the end of the page.

Book Level:

  • 0-2 Fingers Up = Independent Level: This is an easy book for you to read by yourself.
  • 3-4 Fingers Up = Independent/Instructional Level: This book is probably a good one to read with a partner but with some extra effort you might be able to read it yourself.
  • 5+ Fingers Up = Frustration Level: This book is hard for you to read by yourself. You should probably choose a different book.
How to Study Heart Words

Heart words are an important part of each kindergartner's school year. Knowing them by heart as a reader and then as a speller and writer is a key part of a child's literacy development. We encourage students to practice their heart words daily, with the goal of knowing each set by heart by the end of the month (beginning with the red heart words in September). Below are some tips for practicing heart words at home.

Memorize for Reading:

  • Work on learning 3-5 words at a time, knowing them in a snap (not having to sound out). Then gradually add a few more words at a time until students are able to read them all fluently.
  • Play games to learn heart words: Memory, Go Fish, I-Spy...
  • Go on a "heart word hunt" outside, inside or in a book.
  • Spell, chant or sing them aloud.
  • Build words with letter tiles, write them with fun pens, chalk, finger paint, etc.

Then...once heart words are read in a "snap", your next step is...

Memorize for Spelling:

  • Spell, chant or sing them aloud.
  • Build them with letter tiles, write them with fun pens, chalk, finger paint, etc.
  • See, say, cover, write, check.
  • Rainbow write or stamp words.
  • Write words with fun pens, chalk, finger paint, etc.
  • Write words making the consonants blue and the vowels red.
  • Make a word search with the words.
  • Write heart words in sentences.
Lower School Curriculum Night on October 1

Lower School teachers will present an overview of our curriculum for the 2020 – 2021 school year on Thursday, October 1. Most parents say that Curriculum Night is one of the most valuable events of the school year. Teachers will share information about the curriculum, schedules, activities, and expectations to assist you in supporting your child this year. 

Join grade-level curriculum presentation, then break out into a class meeting with your child's teacher. Break-out meeting links will be provided during the grade-level sessions.

How to Join a Teams Meeting

All you need to join a Teams meeting is a link. Clicking the link takes you to a page where you can choose to either join in your browser or download the desktop app (or mobile app). If you already have the Teams app, the meeting will open in the app automatically. Please do not join the meeting using your child’s Office 365 account. To ensure this, you may have to log out of your child’s account before clicking the link(s) to join the Curriculum Night session(s).

If you don’t have a Teams account, you may have the option to enter your name to join the meeting as a guest. If you do have a Teams account, select “Sign in” to join with access to the meeting chat and more. Then, depending on the organizer’s settings, you may join the meeting right away or go to the lobby where the organizer can admit you. 

Accelerated Reader

We have enabled Accelerated Reader (AR) testing to continue at home through this period of the Step Start and Bear Creek Choice plan. Please read through the following rules with your children before you begin AR at home testing.

The following rules apply to AR at home testing:

  1. Students may not refer to the book in question when taking an AR test. The book must remain closed for the entirety of the test.
  2. Students may not ask for help on any questions of an AR test.
  3. If a student is a beginning reader, an adult may read the test questions and answer choices aloud. No other assistance may be given.
  4. AR tests taken from home will not be deleted due to a low score. 
  5. Non-compliance with any of the rules of AR testing may result in the following actions: blockage of remote AR testing, removal of points from a student’s account, and/or disqualification from higher AR point clubs.

Memory Verse


Upcoming Events

Be sure to review the calendar on this page for a list of all the student activities scheduled for next week!