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The Bear Creek School K-12

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At The Bear Creek School, we provide a challenging academic curriculum taught from a Christian worldview. 

A Christian liberal arts education exposes students to the great minds, great works, great events, great discoveries, and great art of the centuries.

  • Classics: educating students in logic, philosophy, ethics, rhetoric, and apologetics
  • STEM: offering ability based math beginning in elementary school, computer science, engineering, and AP sciences and math
  • Arts: developing personal expression, creative thinking, imaginative communication, and intellectual curiosity
  • Literature: focusing on the Great Books
  • Language: teaching Latin, Spanish, and French beginning in elementary school
  • Athletics: building character, commitment, teamwork, and good sportsmanship
  • Faith: integrating a deep knowledge of Scripture and how to apply Biblical principles in their lives

I want my kids to be in a place where I have confidence that they are safe and they are known, really known not just by name, but by who they really are—by their hearts and their minds. I have complete confidence that this happens each and every day at Bear Creek." 

Megan, Lower School Parent