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Middle School Boys Classroom

Hear From Our Teachers

Bear Creek is my home away from home! I feel like my family is here. We are a highly dedicated group of compassionate people who genuinely love God and love each other. This community—faculty and families—is very positive, uplifting, and supportive. I really see Christ in action here! That is why I am in my twenty-first year of teaching at Bear Creek.Cindy London, Grade 2 Teacher

I love teaching at Bear Creek because of my students, colleagues, and the community of people around me. I have students who sincerely love learning. My colleagues encourage and sharpen me while we collaborate toward excellence. This community supports one another, prays for each other, and is mission-minded. All of these factors work together to make each day different, inspiring, and a beautiful reminder of how God is at work in this school.Courtney Cohrs, Grade 5 Teacher

I teach because I enjoy my content and love seeing my students grow in their skills. Bear Creek students come eager to learn, bought into the process, and capable of treading the heights of various disciplines. What teacher could ask for more? In fact, my time at Bear Creek has redefined what I thought students could achieve. They challenge me to present with depth and nuance, and they keep my curiosity kindled.Kenny Norris, English Department Chair