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WIAA Sanctioned Sports Outside Bear Creek?

Please contact Athletics Director Chad Pohlman ( if you play a WIAA sanctioned sport outside of Bear Creek (e.g., football, wrestling, swimming, diving, softball, etc.). We would like to recognize you at our annual Athletics Banquet.

Bear Creek Athletics Banquet on June 8

All 2021 – 2022 Upper School athletes and their parents are invited to the thirteenth annual Athletics Banquet on Wednesday, June 8, at 7:00 p.m. on Owens Field. We look forward to celebrating you and our Grizzlies sports teams! Please RSVP by May 27. Sponsored by the Grizzlies Booster Club.

Annual Physical Exams Required Beginning 2022 – 2023

Beginning with the 2022 – 2023 school year, Bear Creek will require our student-athletes to receive an annual physical exam. Up until now, we have encouraged families to do this but have only required a physical exam every 24 months. This new policy is recommended by the National Federation of High School Associations and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and it is also widely becoming adopted across the country at both the middle school and high school levels. By giving you early notice, we hope that you will schedule those wellness check appointments with your family physician early this summer, as doctors tend to be busy in August. Getting into a rhythm of updating your child’s physical exam over the summer is the best practice and will ensure that your child is eligible to play school sports in any season throughout the year.

Please print the Physical Examination and Medical Eligibility forms and bring them with you to your child's doctor's appointment. You will be able to upload the signed forms to Magnus Health in July after you receive the Back-to-School Registration email. 

Contact Athletics Director Chad Pohlman ( with any questions or concerns.

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