Event Promotion

The Communications Office works with faculty, staff, and parent organizations in the promotion of activities and events involving the Bear Creek community. Please follow the event planning process.

To request promotional support for your event (step 4 of the event planning process), please review the promotional tools listed below and then email the Communications Office at bearfacts@tbcs.org. Please specify the kinds of promotions you envision for your event as well as a suggested promotional timeline. The Communications Office will develop a plan to promote your event which balances the promotional needs of all the other events scheduled for the same time frame.

The list below is intended to provide an overview of the marketing communications vehicles we have available for promoting various events:

Website Calendar

Calendar events include details which may contain a description of your event, specific instructions, and any additional information. The website calendar is the primary "source" for accurate and timely information about your event. It is important to keep the calendar listing and any related website pages up to date and accurate as this is where our Bear Creek community will look for details about your event. Events requested via the event planning process will be placed on the website calendar as appropriate. Events can be placed on the website calendar as soon as they are approved.

The Bear Facts Weekly eNews

Announcements, reminders, and short advertisements for events are included in The Bear Facts. This is not the place for in-depth descriptions of events. For timelines and requirements of The Bear Facts weekly eNews see The Bear Facts Submission Guidelines. "Blurbs" can be printed in The Bear Facts for several weeks prior to your event.

Flyers and Class Newsletters

Flyers can be included in the envelopes that Preschool, Lower School, and Early Middle School students take home each Monday and Friday. Flyers must be approved by a Division Head and the Communications Office. Email bearfacts@tbcs.org to submit a flyer for approval or request that the Communications Office design your flyer.

Upon approval, it is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to reproduce the flyer and distribute to the classrooms at appropriate campus(es). Flyers are most often distributed one week prior to an event. On occasion, promotion or event details can be included in the teachers' weekly newsletters (although these newsletters are primarily for academic/classroom news).

Direct Email

Email promoting events to some or all of our community may be sent through the Communications Office as part of an event promotion plan. In addition, we have the capability to gather RSVPs and create other surveys via our website tools or Eventbrite. Event announcements are usually emailed 2 – 3 weeks prior to an event. Printed invitations are sent extremely rarely. Please include this as part of your event promotion plan if needed.


Bear Creek has a Sign Up Genius account that may be used to solicit volunteers. Create your sign up event and slots and then "transfer" it to communications@tbcs.org. The Communications Office will then give your sign up a Bear Creek look and feel, publish it, send you a link, and include that link in/on appropriate promotional locations on our website.

Social Media

The Bear Creek School has a Facebook page and Twitter/Instagram feeds on which we highlight student accomplishments and activities and promote upcoming school events. Contact social@tbcs.org if you have specific requests.

Digital Displays

Flat screen monitors in the hallways display announcements and a preview of upcoming events, and the Communications Office creates promotional slides for events. Photo slide shows are effective for promoting events and also post-event to highlight the fun had at your event. To submit slides (16:9 aspect ratio) as part of your promotion, please email bearfacts@tbcs.org. Slides can run for months or for just a few weeks prior to your event.

Posters and Banners

As part of an event promotion plan, it can be effective to display posters (11x17) or banners (larger sizes) promoting the event or highlighting specific details of the event. Posters will be produced by the Communications Office for a limited number of events; posters are primarily displayed on exterior doors. Exterior vinyl banners may be used in limited ways and only in specific locations. Please request these types of items as part of the promotion plan for your event. Do not hang flyers (8x11) in the hallways or on doors (exception: around Upper School water fountains).

Press Releases

If you would like to invite reporters and photographers to your event and possibly receive coverage in a local newspaper, the Communications Office can help to develop and send out a press release for those news worthy items. Please email bearfacts@tbcs.org to discuss PR for your event or activity.

Modus Vivendi

Our school community magazine includes news, highlights, education, and feature stories about the activities of students, alumni, parents, and faculty. Suggestions for or submission of articles for publication should be sent to modusvivendi@tbcs.org.