Class of 2025 Time Capsule Project

On our last day of school, grade 7 students normally participate in our annual Middle School Time Capsule Project. Although this fun and memorable exercise typically takes place in Middle School classrooms, we have found a way to continue the tradition remotely.

We encourage each student to create/collect items 1 and 2 (below) for their individual time capsules (individual time capsule = large manila envelope, provided by the school). All the envelopes will go into a large and secured bin—this is the Class of 2025 Time Capsule.

Please bring items 1 – 3 to school when you arrive to drop off and pick up items from school on June 15.

Each individual time capsule will contain:

  1. An autobiographical journal—Students should print these pages and answer the fun and interesting questions capturing what life is like during the 2019 – 2020 school year: at home, in the community, and in the world, as well as asking them to make some predictions about the future.
  2. A collection of memorable items—Students are encouraged to collect memorable items that capture their memories from school, family, sports, church, etc., including defining moments and highlights of the school year and things that they would like to remember for the future. Here are some suggested items:
    • Personal photos (self, family, friends, pets, etc.)
    • Magazine clippings, articles, or photos of things that are important now (such as people he/she respects, favorite things, movies, songs, literature, significant 2019 – 2020 events)
    • Favorite Bible verses or poems
    • Notes from friends and family members
    • Movie, theater, or concert ticket stubs
    • Sheet music that he/she played on his/her instrument or sang or enjoyed
    • A small piece of fabric or other special memento from an important event
    • Postcards, receipts, or anything that tells the story of the school year and friendships
    • ASB Card
  3. A letter from you—Perhaps the most meaningful item in your child's individual time capsule is the letter written by you to your son or daughter. It may be the item that your child will most treasure when the time capsule is opened in 2025.
  4. A personal video recording—We also normally record time capsule preparations and allow each student a 10 – 15 second window to share his/her favorite Scripture verse, offer advice for his/her future self, or even tell a funny joke. Since we are unable to do this, Mr. Pettit has opened a FlipGrid for grade 7 students to record their 15 second videos. These videos will be viewed during graduation week in 2025.

Upon completion, the individual time capsule envelopes and video recording will be "sealed" by the students in a Time Capsule bin—not to be opened again until their graduation in the year 2025!
To protect the contents of the capsule, please do not include items which might decay (e.g., rubber, food or candy, plant or animal materials). Also, students should only bring original items that they don't mind losing for five years (otherwise make a copy and bring that)! Since everything will be going in a large envelope, the items should not be too bulky.
If students forget to bring in items, this exercise will not work well, so it is important that all students record their parts for the FlipGrid and bring items 1 – 3 to school on our drop-off/pick-up day. Don't forget to write a letter to your child and seal it in an envelope!

We believe this project will be very enjoyable for our students, and we look forward to "unsealing" our Middle School Time Capsule in 2025! Please feel free to contact me or my assistant Carol Willard ( if you have further questions. Thank you very much for your assistance with this project.