ASB Student Council

Bear Creek's Upper School Student Council consists of students who are nominated and elected officers and representatives of the Associated Student Body (ASB) of the Upper School.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bear Creek Upper School Student Council is to promote unity in the Upper School by representing, leading, and empowering students to live their lives in submission to Christ.

Student Council Constitution


  1. To foster among all students a desire for God.
  2. To train and equip servant leaders for Christ.
  3. To provide service opportunities for students in the Bear Creek, local, and global communities.
  4. To provide all students a channel of communication through which they can contribute to the total school program.
  5. To provide activities and socials through which students may enjoy fellowship with one another and have fun.
  6. To promote unity by encouraging school spirit.
  7. To act as a liaison between the entire student body and the administration regarding student body issues and activities.

2021 – 2022 Student Council

Executive Officers

President: Rachel Cook
Vice President: Miya Shimada
Secretary: Nicholas Coy
Treasurer: Brady Parker

Committee Heads

B.A.S.I.C.: Grace Cheung
Social: Sophie Kosted
Student Relations: Hannah Schwartz
Community Service: William Hartshorn
Grizzly Pride: Jaxon Fowler

Senior Class Reps

Henry Humphries
Sophia Dunn

Junior Class Reps

Clara Ogus
Andrew Tang

Sophomore Class Reps

Veronica Leahy
Pierce Bader

Freshman Class Reps

Ainsley Keith
Zaden Gauthier


Mr. David Urban

Upper School
Dean of Students

Mr. Kevin Davison