AP Biology

Summer Assignment

Read and study chapters 1 – 3 of Campbell's Biology. Chapters 1 – 3 are review of scientific method and foundational chemistry. If you who have not yet taken a Chemistry course, you will want to spend significant time with Chapters 2 – 3. There will be an exam on these chapters the first week of school.

The following are suggestions to aid in preparation for the exam.

  • Study all bold-faced terms in each chapter. For those unfamiliar to you, make a glossary defining the terms. Use the text explanation itself as much as possible for this glossary. If you use the back of the book or online sources, you won't have the most relevant, complete definition.
  • Study all diagrams and pictures in each chapter. Read the captions carefully, and memorize/retain the information contained in the illustrations; it is often the most important information in the chapter.
  • If a section of chapter text is too dense and difficult, turn to the chapter summary at the end of each chapter and read the pertinent summary section first. Then try again with the chapter text.
  • Review the questions at the end of each chapter. Quiz yourself, and check your answers in the appendix at the back of the book.
  • Don't lose sight of the big picture! Read through the headings of each chapter, and connect the new information you've read with each of the headings.
  • Email your teacher! If you are uncertain of the significance of a fact, or unclear on the meaning, please contact Mrs. Dunn at Donna.Dunn@tbcs.org. Contact Mrs. Dunn if you need a textbook.