Early Middle School


Weekly Chapel is a time of worship, praise, teaching, and reflection. Chapel topics focus on a particular Bible verse, story, or passage and are presented by faculty and guest speakers. A parent-led worship team creates a thoughtful yet energetic experience for our Early Middle School community.

Leader of the Week

Bear Creek Leads is one of the distinctive programs at Bear Creek. Teachers work to cultivate students into leaders of wisdom, compassion, and courage, identifying leadership in the Early Middle School as students grow in relationship with one another and a greater understanding of who they are in Christ. Recognizing leadership speaks truth into the lives of students.

Leadership takes on many looks. It could be the student helping to lead worship in Chapel or the student who sits and eats lunch with someone he doesn’t know as well. It may be the student who starts a food drive or the student who creates fun spaces for recess time. Validating the different ways one can lead gives students authority to practice serving and contributing while continuing to grow in virtuous leadership.

Parent Volunteers

Parents love to be involved in building a strong and supportive Early Middle School community. Students benefit from many parent volunteers who serve in the classroom to provide additional reinforcement of academic skills, join field trips, and support one another along the parenting journey.

Big Buddies

A highlight of the month is the time students spend with their “buddies.” Students in grade 5 are paired with “little buddies” in grade 2. Together they read, write, and enjoy a mentoring friendship.

Community Service

Students put their faith into action through community service projects. Each year they participate in several school-wide community service projects, such as food and clothing drives or hands-on classroom projects to benefit those in need.

After School Programs

Bear Creek offers after school enrichment and extended day classes in our Bear Creek Plus program.