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Parents often encounter situations that they do not feel well prepared for – such as, managing “distractions” due to phones and other new technologies, balancing their family values with those of their child’s friends, or dealing with the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs. Combine this with busy schedules and needing to drive kids around for activities – and soon parents find themselves overwhelmed and losing their life balance. During such times, parents need reassurance and support to know that they are not alone, and leverage a welcoming community to learn of tips and tricks to confidently raise their children.

ParentNet is a highly acclaimed parent-led program created by parents for parents. Aimed at building a collaborative parent-school community and increasing parent involvement in education, parents of children in lower, middle, and upper schools meet separately for discussions on everyday parenting challenges, and share solutions that can be used at home. Trained volunteer parent facilitators lead meetings, a faculty liaison gives supportive guidance on school-related topics, Parent Contract keeps the discussion positive and on-track.

ParentNet meetings are encouraging, reassuring, solution-oriented and a lot of fun! Parents leave feeling more confident and better equipped to meet the challenge of raising healthy, successful children. Please join this wonderful community by attending the next ParentNet conversation!

Facilitated Conversations