Parent Groups

At The Bear Creek School parents are an integral part of the school community and their student's education. Parents are in partnership with the school for the purpose of enabling each child to become the individual that God intends.

Parent volunteers

Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF)

PTF enriches student life by offering and organizing programs and events that encourage participation from the entire school community to create a spirit of unity and fellowship among parents, teachers, and staff. PTF also supports and encourages teachers and staff with blessings and special events. 

All parents, guardians, and teachers are members of the PTF. Annual dues are collected with (re)enrollment to help defray the costs associated with PTF. Each Spring, PTF hosts their annual fundraiser, the Walk-a-thon.

Gear Shop

Grizzlies Booster Club (Athletics)

The Booster Club promotes and fosters school spirit by supporting the athletics programs of The Bear Creek School. Nearly 70% of Middle School and Upper School students participate in at least one sport. All fans of The Bear Creek School are encouraged to get involved! 

Membership fees are collected with your child's sports registration fee, and there are opportunities for involvement throughout the year by helping out at events, in the Hungry Bear (concessions), and Grizzly Gear Shop.