Mission Trip 2019

Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa, DR

February 15-23
Grades 9-12

We are excited about this opportunity before us during Mid-Winter Break. This opportunity, no matter how good, cannot function without you who will potentially make up our team. We trust that you are carefully praying through your priorities and considering this outstanding opportunity for growth, training, and service.

Why Short-term Mission?

As part of Bear Creek's commitment to service, the purpose of short-term mission is to put ourselves in a place where our awareness of the kingdom of God becomes fuller, richer, and more present. When we come home we're able to better view our lives in light of God's kingdom. We also grow in our service to Christ by setting an example and by listening to his direction. We experience community and partnership with brothers and sisters of other nationalities and see how God is using them to proclaim his love to their own people. Most of all, we go into the world both locally and globally proclaiming God's love because that is God's great commission for us (Matt. 28).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the Dominican Republic? Jeff Gephart, Dean of Students for Upper School, previously served as a full-time missionary in Albania, and as a college and missions pastor is an experienced global short-term mission trip leader.  Dr. Gephart has not only led and sent teams to the Dominican Republic but also established a relationship with the Doulos Discovery School in Jarabacoa with whom we will serve. This ASCI school has a unique and important vision to reach Dominicans for Christ and train up the next wave of leaders.  The director and staff of the school have a very good program and have proven to be organized and capable of hosting service teams.

Go to www.doulosdiscovery.org for information about the school.

Who is eligible? All Upper School students may apply. However, we'll likely limit the team to about 15-20 participants if necessary.

What does it cost? Cost is an estimate at this point, approximately $3,000 (depending upon airfare and the size of the group). There is a non-refundable deposit of $200 due at registration by October 5. We will then have 2 deadlines of partial payments prior to the whole amount being due. Families will be expected to pay the full amount, but students may raise full or partial support through opportunity letters if they wish.  Dr. Gephart will provide training and instructions for fundraising at the first team meeting.

Log in on the MyBC/Students or MyBC/Parents to find all the necessary paperwork for this trip.