Bear Creek Advances to Step Three on October 5

Dear Bear Creek families,

As we continue to journey together as a community through the COVID-19 pandemic, I am pleased to announce that we will be moving to Step Three of our Step Start Plan as of Monday, October 5. We are making this decision based on several factors:

  • The health data shows a fairly consistent downward trend into the moderate and in some cases, low risk levels. The 7-day average for hospitalizations locally and in King County is below 5 and positivity rates remain below 5% as well. 
  • Overall, our experience bringing our grades 5 – 12 students on campus this past week went smoothly, and we are confident that our second week will be even better, as everyone settles into the new procedures and protocols.
  • The Health Room has seen little traffic and we currently have no active faculty, staff, or student cases of COVID-19.
  • Students and families did a great job adjusting to all the new screening, cleaning, and distancing protocols!

There are no changes to the preschool through grade 4 schedules between Steps Two and Three, while grades 5 – 12 will move to learning on campus two days per week. Of course, you still also have the option to have your child learn remotely. See Daily Schedules tab on MyBC/Parents for schedule details or view a simplified schedule across divisions, including which grades are on campus and which grades are all working remotely and when to drop off and pick up each child.

Additionally, thanks for your feedback and questions. We continue working diligently to respond to teacher and student needs, as well as your suggestions, and continue to refine and improve our systems and processes to keep everyone healthy, safe, and engaged in learning.

As always, should the health data change significantly during the week, we reserve the right to get smarter and to revise this decision. However, we expect to have grades K – 12 students on campus two days per week, beginning Monday, October 5.

I am grateful to our community—parents, students, faculty, and staff—for being diligent and intentional in following our health and safety protocols. I am also thankful for your patience as we all adjust to the dynamics of blended learning made possible by Bear Creek Choice, while continuing to uphold the mission of The Bear Creek School.  Your cooperation and the Lord’s ever-present grace allow us to move forward in our Step Start Plan.


Grace and peace,

Patrick Carruth