Curriculum and Instruction

Patrick Carruth, President and Headmaster

Bear Creek Choice

As part of our Bear Creek Choice plan, most instruction will occur in classrooms during the school day, with “in-person” and “virtual” students attending together at the same time. This approach allows families to choose the most appropriate learning method for their children. Classes will be streamed through Microsoft Teams to allow synchronous instruction for both on-campus and online students. Families have the flexibility to choose either modality.


Schedules for each division may be found on MyBC/Parents under the Daily Schedules tab.

Remote Learning

If school is restricted to off-campus instruction only, we will initiate our remote learning modality for all students.

On Campus

Breaks/Recess: Breaks and recess will be conducted in class groups or in House cohorts. Breaks will be supervised, and students will need to keep six feet distant. There will be designated spaces for outdoor breaks and outdoor recess. The Deans have put a lot of thought into this plan and have some great ideas for how to keep students spaced while still allowing down time, exercise, and socialization. 

Cohorts: Cohorts are a way of organizing students that helps to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19 by other students as well as faculty and staff. The cohorts in the younger grades are smaller, typically a single class size, and are larger in the upper grades, due to the nature of individual class selection. When learning on-campus, student activities such as recess, Chapel, etc., will be organized by cohort as much as possible.

Performing Arts: We will make adaptations and adjustments to the curriculum as needed to address student safety and meet health guidelines while still maintaining a quality student experience with integral arts curriculum components.