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Grandparents Day

Please note: To honor all our families, reduce crowding in the parking lots, classrooms, and common areas, and ensure enough seats for our visitors, we plan to host smaller events by division each year rather of the K – 12 biennial event which our school has outgrown.

Grandparents Day

On April 25, 2024, we will celebrate the special bond between grandparents and our students in grades K – 4. For many grandparents, this is an excellent opportunity to experience their grandchild's school life and see what makes Bear Creek unique. 

This year, Lower School grandparents will be treated to a special breakfast and a preview of the Mothers Tea performance that students are preparing for their moms. We kindly ask that this day be reserved just for grandparents. We will have many volunteers ready to assist our beloved visitors with any support or accommodation they need.

Grandparents with a mailing address in our database will receive a save-the-date postcard in January and an emailed invitation in early March. To ensure your child's grandparents are invited, please complete the Grandparents section on your Household Profile in the Parent Portal.

Invitations, Details, and schedule

Grizzly Grams


Grandparents may send a special note of encouragement to their grandchild(ren) during the year, in the form of a Grizzly Gram. These are delivered to the student’s classroom. Each summer, the school sends blank Grizzly Gram forms to grandparents for delivery during the first few weeks of school. Alternately, grandparents may submit a message online and we will transcribe it onto a Grizzly Gram for delivery to your grandchild.

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Lunch with your Grandchild


We invite you to enjoy a complimentary lunch at Bear Creek with your K – 12 grandchild anytime during the school year. Lunch times vary by grade. After we receive your request, we will contact you to provide the exact date and time. If you have multiple grandchildren, you are welcome to stay for more than one lunch period.

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Note: Preschool students do not eat lunch at school.