Get Involved


Parents are encouraged to volunteer for all-school or division level activities, events, and special projects. Classroom-specific volunteer sign-ups happen in the classroom in early September.

In fall 2022, volunteer opportunities will be communicated after school is underway and teachers have had some time to determine how best to utilize volunteers.


Please include Bear Creek’s students, faculty, and staff in your prayers on an ongoing basis. We are grateful for the spiritual encouragement and protection your prayers provide. If you would like to pray in community with others, look for Moms in Prayer and Bear Creek Prays on the school calendar.

Parent Groups

At The Bear Creek School parents are an integral part of the school community and their student's education. Parents are in a partnership with the school for the purpose of growing each child to be the person that God intends.

Bear Creek offers many avenues by which parents can become involved. Opportunities are available in the classrooms, on the athletics fields, in leading clubs, at school events, and with fundraising.

Match Your Volunteer Hours

Have you volunteered in the classroom, chaperoned a field trip or ski day, or baked for an event? Numerous local companies recognize volunteer time through the donation of cash grants to non-profits for which their employees volunteer. This means that for each hour you volunteer, your employer may donate money to The Bear Creek School. Check with your human resources department for more information about your employer's program and how to participate.