Section 4 Safety

Family Handbook 2019 – 2020

4.14 Parent/Visitor Sign-In and Photo ID Badges

The safety and welfare of our students is a high priority. With that in mind, staff and faculty will wear official ID badges or name badges while on any campus. Wearing ID badges or name badges helps Bear Creek parents match names with faces, and more importantly, aids in preventing unauthorized individuals from entering our campuses.

We have an automated visitor log-in and database system at the Main building and Upper School building on Redmond Campus and at Valley Campus. Parents and visitors are asked to log in and register in that database. First-time parents and visitors will be required to provide a U.S. issued driver’s license or State ID card to register in the system; but once registered, parents and visitors will be able to log out upon leaving and log back in for a visitor badge for each subsequent visit.

4.15 Safety Precautions During School Hours

During the school day exterior doors at the Main building and the Upper School at Redmond Campus will be locked. Exterior doors and the gates at Valley Campus will be locked during the school day. Parents and visitors arriving while the buildings are locked will only be able to gain entry through the main entrances by buzzing the electronic monitor and entry system. Once admitted, parents and visitors must register through our automated visitor log system at all locations to obtain a visitor’s badge. Parents and visitors must wear a visitor’s badge while on campus.

Please do not knock on exterior doors to ask students, faculty, staff, or other parents to open locked doors from the inside; rather, please use the main entrance at each building during the school day. Students, faculty, and staff have been advised to refrain from opening exterior doors during the school day.

4.16 Parent Drivers for School Field Trips

A Bear Creek bus generally provides transportation for field trips; however, if a bus is unavailable, parent volunteers may drive. Parent drivers must comply with all laws including laws regarding child safety. Prior to driving on a field trip or for any other Bear Creek event or activity, the parent driver must have the following current information on file with the main office at least 14 days prior to the event: Volunteer Driver Acknowledgement, Volunteer Background Check Disclosure, a copy of his or her driver’s license, and proof of insurance.

Riding in Personal Vehicles: If transportation for a school activity is provided in a personal vehicle, the driver is responsible for his or her passengers’ well-being, agrees to maintain the personal vehicle in good working order, and to ensure appropriate restraints (e.g., seat belts, car seats, booster seats) are utilized. Additionally, volunteer drivers must submit the Background Check Disclosure and Volunteer Driver Acknowledgement forms and provide proof of auto insurance and a valid driver’s license.In the event that a field trip or other school event requires transportation by volunteer drivers in personal vehicles, parents specify if the child may ride with a teacher/chaperone or if they may ride with the parent only.

4.17 Parent Chaperone Policy

Volunteerism is strongly encouraged while safety is a top priority at our school; consequently, anytime a parent serves as a chaperone for a trip or will be spending one-on-one time with a student, a background check will be conducted by the School. Parent chaperones for these occasions will be required to submit a Volunteer Background Check Disclosure along with a copy of his or her driver’s license at least 14 days prior to the event.

4.18 Pets in the School

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the buildings at anytime in order to safeguard those students who are fearful of animals or who have allergies. Exceptions to that rule must be arranged with your child’s teacher or school administration in advance.For sanitary and safety reasons, pets are also not allowed on Owens Field.