Section 4 Health and Wellness

Family Handbook 2019 – 2020

4.1 Health Room

The Health Room is located in the main office in both buildings at Redmond Campus. A school nurse or trained staff is available in the Health Rooms during the school day. Health services are available to students enrolled at The Bear Creek School only. You may receive an email if your child is seen in the Health Room. Additionally, all teachers, classroom assistants, and receptionists at both Redmond Campus and Valley Campus maintain certifications in CPR and first aid.

Prior to the first day of school sign the Medical Release for Treatment and School-Provided Medications Release online (included with Back-to-School Registration), submit Certificate of Immunization or Certificate of Exemption, and any specific medical care forms if your child has special medical and/or medication needs such as asthma or severe allergies requiring epinephrine injector administration. The forms must be submitted before the first day of the school year in order for each student to attend class in the fall.

All Health Room-related forms are available on the school website, including the Waiver and Authorization to Administer Medication (which requires a health care provider’s signature for prescription medications). Parents should notify Health Room staff of any medical changes throughout the year and update their child’s medical profile online. Student health information is viewable by all faculty and Health Room staff unless otherwise requested to ensure access to critical information in the event of a health-related incident or emergency.

4.2 Severe Allergies Requiring Epinephrine Administration

Parents of students with severe allergies are responsible for having a current school year Waiver and Authorization to Administer Medication Form for the epinephrine injector on file with the Health Room. Preschool, Lower School, and Early Middle School students need two epinephrine injectors, one for the classroom and one for the Health Room; Middle School and Upper School students also need two epinephrine injectors, one for the Health Room and one which they keep with them at all times. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide epinephrine injectors that are current and that will not expire during the school year. All teachers, classroom assistants, and Health Room staff are educated and trained in epinephrine administration.

Parents of students with severe allergies are encouraged to volunteer for field trips especially if there is a potential exposure to the allergen. Parents and students are responsible for ensuring epinephrine injectors are taken on field trips.

Student-athletes are required to take their own emergency medications to practice and games.

4.3 Food Services Implications with Regard to Severe Allergies

If your child has food allergies, we suggest you speak directly to the Kitchen Manager. We provide a nut-free table in the Main Commons. Sitting at the nut-free table is an optional choice for students. If your child chooses to sit at the table, he or she may choose a few friends to sit with him or her. The child’s friends should purchase food from Food Services so they are not bringing food to the nut-free table that would be potentially harmful. Parents are encouraged to send in a “snack box” so there is always something the student can choose from during unplanned events. Parents of any student with allergies are welcome to organize class parties and events. We ask parents to instruct their child to not trade food. Young children should be taught to accept food only from designated people such as their classroom teacher. We are not a nut-free facility, but for the safety of all, we ask that nut and nut products are not consumed in the classrooms or common areas other than designated lunch areas.

4.4 Concussions

If your child is diagnosed with a concussion by a health care provider, it is required by law (RCW 28A.600.190) that we be notified in writing by the provider of any activity and/or cognitive restrictions your child may have. A written clearance from the provider is also required for a student to return to normal activities, including physical education and sports.

4.5 Defibrillator (AED)

One or more portable AEDs are located as follows:

  • Mounted on the wall in the Main building next to the public telephone located across from the gym and vending machines; and there is a portable AED in the Health Room;
  • In the Marilyn R. Nagel Commons at the Upper School;
  • In the weight room at the Fitness Center at Redmond Campus; and
  • In the Preschool Office at the bottom of the stairs,next to the Health Room at Valley Campus.

4.6 Health Alerts

Parents can subscribe through our website to receive health alerts via email or text. Health alerts are sent out by a school nurse if we have a known communicable illness on campus, e.g. chickenpox, influenza, or strep throat.

4.7 Health Screenings

Vision and hearing screenings are conducted annually for students in kindergarten and grades 2, 4, and 6. New students entering grades 1, 3, or 5, and any students who failed the previous year will also be screened. Parents will be notified if students fail any of the screenings.

4.8 Illnesses

Please do not send your children to school if they are sick or appear too unwell to be in class. Students who have a fever of 100º F or above, are vomiting, have diarrhea, or exhibit an unexplained rash, will be sent home from school. Students should be symptom-free, without the aid of medication, for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please encourage your children to wash hands, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest to keep them healthy. Further information on when to keep your children at home may be found on the school website along with all of our illness policies.

4.9 Health Information Sharing Guidelines for Covid-19

As with any health situation, our primary responsibility is protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff while safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of individual health information. The Bear Creek School does not release personal or identifying information about an individual with a health concern.

If there is a confirmed case COVID-19 in our immediate school community, defined as student, parent, faculty, or staff member, we will notify The Bear Creek School community and follow the guidelines and protocols provided by the King County Public Health Department (KCPH).

4.10  Immunizations

All students must have a current Certificate of Immunization or Certificate of Exemption on file in accordance with Washington State law. In order to attend school, current immunization information must be submitted prior to the first day of school for all new students and students in kindergarten and grade 7. Immunization information must also be submitted for all students every time immunizations have been updated. Incomplete immunizations or paperwork may result in exclusion from school per Washington State law RCW 28A.210.060.

Immunization policies and forms are also included in the Back-to-School Registration.

4.11 Injuries and Illness

If your child requires further care, you will be called. The school will call 911 for any emergency care required. 

4.12 Medications

Pursuant to RCW 28.A.210.260 and RCW 28A.210.270, The Bear Creek School is authorized to administer oral medication to students during school hours. Such medications will be administered when failure to do so may result in the student being unable to attend school and/or not being well enough to participate in learning activities.

Oral Medication: The Bear Creek School will administer oral medication to students with authorization in writing from parent/legal guardian and a licensed healthcare provider with prescribing authority, acting within the scope of license. Specific instructions for administration must be included and medication must be in its original container.

Self-Administration: Middle School and Upper School students may self-administer prescription medication when authorized by the parent/guardian, healthcare provider and with the knowledge of the School nurse. Generally Lower School and Early Middle School students may not self-medicate. Exceptions will be reviewed on a per case basis. Medications must be kept in the health room. Please do not send medications with your child to school, including over the counter medications. Requests for administration of oral medication are valid only for the medication listed and the dates indicated in writing on the request form, and in no case will such requests exceed one school year. Any request for administration during a subsequent school year will require the request to be re-authorized.

Non-Oral Medication: Medication administered by routes other than oral and limited OTC topical medications, for example; ointments, eye drops, nasal inhalers, suppositories, or non-emergency injections may only be self-administered or administered by an RN.

Emergency Medication: The Bear Creek School will administer medications to students as necessary in an emergency situation with a prescription from a licensed health provider and parent/guardian authorization.Epinephrine injectors are the only injectables that non-medical school staff will be trained to administer to a student who has a predetermined, life endangering allergy.The exemption to this is when a student does not have an epinephrine autoinject or or prescription for an epinephrine autoinjector on file, the RN on duty may utilize a school stock supply of epinephrine autoinjectors to respond to an anaphylactic reaction under a standing protocol pursuant to RCW 28A.210.300.

Epinephrine injectors may only be used to treat the student for whom it is prescribed. Preschool, Lower School,and Early Middle School students will be required to keep one set of emergency medication in the health room and one in the classroom.Middle School and Upper School students will be required to keep one set of emergency medication in the health room and one on their person, binder, or backpack. Emergency medications are considered to be Epinephrine injector, asthma inhalers, and insulin.Any other emergency medication will be reviewed on a per case basis.

Additional Medication: Each year The Bear Creek School will offer a limited list of over the counter medications that parents may approve via the student’s Medical Profile. Parents are required to attest via agreement with the school-provided Medications Release that their child has no allergies to those over-the-counter medications approved on their child’s Medical Profile, stating that they do not hold The Bear Creek School or its employees liable in the event of an adverse reaction. These medications may only be administered by an RN or a trained faculty or staff member under delegation of the RN.

4.13 Threat to Harm

Any student who threatens to harm himself/herself or another or exhibits behavior that indicates the student could be a danger or risk to himself/herself or another, may be required to obtain a professional evaluation before attending school or any school function.