Wisdom. Compassion. Courage.

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Emilia Ifrim '21

Wisdom, Compassion, and Courage: three words you hear often but cannot be emphasized enough. When walking through the halls, you catch glimpses of students deep in conversation, a tight-knit community, and a great work ethic. The Bear Creek community is impossible to put on paper. Everyone contributes something unique to the school. These three traits we stand by, combined with each individual and his or her own talents, results in the community we have grown to know and love.


AP Biology Experiment

Experiment discussion in A/P Biology

Many people think of wisdom as attaining knowledge. However, we can have all of the knowledge in the world and have no idea how to make use of it. Bear Creek strives to teach but also to create experiences in all subjects that connect this knowledge to the real world. Whether it be a Capstone discussion about youth groups and finding balance between faith and fun or an English paper about a prominent current event, these are examples of how we use what we learn to talk about things that are relevant in our lives. Being wise is combining knowledge with experience to create good judgment as to how we should apply what we know to our lives. Observing all the clubs, fundraisers, and awareness presentations that occur at Bear Creek, wisdom is a prominent attribute in our community.


NHS Hopelink Food Drive 2019

NHS Hopelink Food Drive

Compassion seems simple: be nice and care for others. However, compassion stretches beyond classmates and family. The world needs compassion as the less fortunate wander the streets feeling stuck. Compassion is seen everywhere in our community, whether it be a student helping someone with chemistry homework or a teacher spending extra hours with students indulging in their shared love for Star Wars. This natural care for others in our community is automatic and stretches beyond school grounds. Take Eco-Club, for example. They do the most to spread awareness and care for the environment around us. Since we emphasize being compassionate so much, it becomes second nature and that is what Bear Creek strives to accomplish.


Evening of Classics

Evening of Classics featuring performances shared by students

Lastly, there is courage. Everyone can be courageous, even the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. There is no potion you must drink to become courageous; it is inherent within you. You just have to let it out. Bear Creek seeks to create an environment where students feel comfortable with letting that courage roam free in the classroom. Students are encouraged to speak their minds in discussions and take on leadership roles to further build their character. No question is too bold, hard, or impossible. As students become more comfortable asking the hard questions in class or giving that stressful speech, that courage will follow them in the real world, taking the first stride into the unknown.

Bear Creek is a liberal arts school that puts an emphasis on education and religion. However, when diving deeper into the environment we know so well, the traits of wisdom, compassion, and courage present themselves front and center. Take some time to reflect on who you have become and realize how unique you are. These traits are evident in you because of the subtle ways Bear Creek enforces them in your everyday life. Remember, you are seen, praised, and loved.