“Parenting Under Pressure” With Dr. Rob McKenna

  • Early Years
  • Elementary Age
  • Preteens
  • The Teenage Years
Sini Fernandez, Communications Manager

Parenting naturally produces high pressure moments that test our composure and resilience like few other things in life can.

The Bear Creek School is proud to present “Parenting Under Pressure” with Dr. Rob McKenna on Tuesday, April 2 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Dr. McKenna will be speaking in the Performing Arts Center at our Upper School (8525 208th Ave NE, Redmond). Tickets cost $10. This event is open to the community.

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Dr. Rob McKenna Speaker

Join us for this fun and thoughtful evening as Dr. Rob McKenna offers strategies for being our best when it matters most. Dr. McKenna is known for integrating faith, research, and practical application in a humorous and engaging way. Attendees will discover the secret to maintaining composure under pressure, at work and at home; learn the two sides self-awareness and how to teach their children to do the same; learn research-based strategies to help create healthy relational systems that move beyond blame; and learn their default responses to pressure and how those responses can help or hinder their relationships.

He is Executive Director of the Center for Leadership Research and Development and Chair of Industrial-Organizational Psychology at Seattle Pacific University and founder of WiLD Leaders, Inc. and creator of the WiLD Toolkit.

His clients have included the Boeing Company, Microsoft, Heineken, Foster Farms, the United Way, Alaska Airlines, and Children’s Hospital.

Dr. McKenna is author of numerous articles and chapters on leadership character, calling, effectiveness, and leadership under pressure; he recently spoke with Forbes contributor Ron Carucci about leading under pressure. His latest book, Composed: The Heart and Science of Leading Under Pressure, focuses on the specific strategies leaders can use to stay true to themselves and connected to others when it matters most.

Most importantly, he and his wife Jackie are parents of two teenage boys. Guests will gain insight into increasing patience under pressure and ability to connect to the needs of their children and colleagues.