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Grizzlies Robotics at Western Washington State FFL Championship
Grizzlies Robotics at Western Washington State FFL Championship

Congratulations to the Grizzlies Robotics Team on their sound performance at the State competition on December 11, 2010 at Liberty Junior High in Spanaway. The team finished sixth in the Robot Performance category and improved in all other judging areas.

FIRST LEGO League competitions are judged in four catagories:

  • Robot Performance
  • Robot Design
  • Project
  • Teamwork

Bear Creek's team members are in grades 6, 7, and 8 and have been working throughout the fall season on the FLL "Body Forward" bioengineering challenge which involves not only programming robots on a challenge course, but also a research project and presentation. The Grizzlies chose the problem of color blindness. During their research process they conducted an informal color blindness survey and visited the research lab of Dr. Jay Neitz at the University of Washington Medical School. Dr. Neitz and his research group have cured color blindness in squirrel monkeys using gene therapy, so the robotics team believes that it may someday be possible to perform the same type of gene therapy intervention on humans who are color blind.

Watch their robot perform at the Western Washington State FFL Championship.

Grizzlies Robotics Team members are Adesuwa A., grade 6, Peter C., grade 6, Jesse D., grade 8, George H., grade 7, Sean K., grade 7, Kyle K., grade 7, Andrew M., grade 7, Javier S., grade 6, Alexander W., grade 7, and Nathan W., grade 7. Congratulations all!