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In our new podcast, Bear Conversations, President and Headmaster Patrick Carruth will have conversations with members of our Middle School and Upper School faculty to learn more about them and to talk about how teaching at a Christian liberal arts institution shapes discussion and learning in the classroom.

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Show Notes

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  • Middle School

Our fourth episode of Bear Conversations features grade 6 teacher Hannah Lash. She discusses what she enjoys about the curiosity of sixth-grade students. She also shares about her personal passions, including drama, and her first experience as a kindergartner in a community production of the musical Grease.

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  • Middle School
  • Upper School

Our third episode of Bear Conversations features grades 5 through 12 Physical Education teacher and Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach Tyler Mendezona. He discusses how athletics fits into a Christian liberal arts education and how character is revealed and developed through participation in athletics and physical education.

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  • Middle School

Our second episode of Bear Conversations features Middle School Latin and Logic teacher Marianne Scrivner. She talks about how the classical model of education offers an integrated approach to learning that connects subject areas and develops students who think critically about what they are learning and communicating. Marianne expounds on the purpose of language and challenging her students to capture the ideas expressed by an author’s use of language.

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