Bear Creek Plus

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bear Creek Plus open to the public?

No, it is only for students in kindergarten - grade 12 enrolled at The Bear Creek School.

Where do classes meet?

All K-12 classes meet in classrooms in the Main Building or Upper School Building at Redmond Campus.

What types of classes are offered?

Bear Creek Plus consists of three distinctive enrichment programs:

  1. Extended Day - Tailor-made enrichment activities for grades K-2.
  2. Homework Help - Teacher-guided assistance with homework for grades 3-8.
  3. Clubs and Teams - Specialist-taught classes and competitive academic teams for all ages, K-12.

How can I find out more information about the programs and classes?

Click on the Class Details tab to view individual class details, including class descriptions, teacher/coach biographies, and pricing.

Who will teach the classes?

Classes are taught by Bear Creek teachers and coaches as well as some outside organizations and individuals with expertise and experience.

When do Bear Creek Plus classes meet?

Classes are held after school throughout the regular school year. View the Weekly Calendar, to see which classes are offered on each day of the week and which grades are eligible. Note: some after school classes are set up to run annually (A), some by semester (S), and some by quarter (Q). Clubs and teams may meet on early dismissal/half days (assuming students are in school), but Extended Day and Homework Help will only meet on full school days. No Bear Creek Plus classes will meet on Teacher In-Service days or during school vacation.

My child is in grade 6 or above and plays Bear Creek athletics. Can he/she still take part in Bear Creek Plus?

It’s possible to participate in athletics and Bear Creek Plus, but parents should be aware that sports team practices and games may occasionally conflict with Bear Creek Plus class meeting times. To plan ahead, check out the dates of the Middle School (6-8) and Upper School (9-12) sports seasons. If there is a conflict, please contact Athletics Director Chad Pohlman ( or After School Programs Director Michael Riley ( to discuss. Our goal is to make it work so that students can take part in athletics and Bear Creek Plus.

What are class hours?

Extended Day and Homework Help meets from 3:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m. daily. Clubs and Teams usually start at 3:30 p.m. and end at different times (see Class Details).

How much will it cost a student to take part in Bear Creek Plus?

See the Fee Schedule for precise details of costs or look under Class Details for pricing.

How do I register for a class?

The process for registration is completely online from start to finish. Please go to the Bear Creek Plus page and click on the Register button. After you select your child's grade, a list of all classes specifically geared to that grade will display. Once you register your child, you will pay at the end of the online process via credit card or debit card. All payments are due at the time of registration. There is no billing. Enrollment for all components will be on a first-come, first served basis.

What if I want to withdraw from a class? Can I get a refund?

Students wishing to withdraw through the first week of class may receive a full refund, less a cancellation charge (5% of the class registration fee). No refunds will be issued after the first week of a class, except at the discretion of the After School Programs Director. Refunds are not issued if a child is dismissed due to disciplinary action. The Bear Creek School reserves the right to cancel programs or sessions prior to an event based on insufficient enrollment. In this event, a full refund for the specific class will be issued.

What is the process for drop-off and pick-up of students enrolled in after school classes?

Students in grades 7 and above can make their own way to and from after school classes. For students in grades K-6, the following procedures will apply:


  1. Students in grades K-1 will be picked up directly from their classrooms by the after school program director (Ms. Luplow or her substitute) and taken to Room 122. Here they will be met by after school program instructors who will take students to their after school class meeting rooms.
  2. Students in grades 2-4 will be dropped off in Room 122 by classroom teachers en route to carpool. Here they will be met by after school program instructors who will take students to their after school class meeting rooms.
  3. Students in 5-6 should go to Room 228 until 3:15 p.m. An Early Middle School teacher will then escort them to Room 122, where they will be met by their after school programs instructors who will take students to their after school classes.

Pick-up: We ask that parents of students in K-6 come to the after school classroom to collect their child(ren) at the end of class.

What about attendance policy?

We will take attendance as part of Bear Creek Plus in order to keep track of students. We do not prorate a class for days missed due to vacations, illness, or other activities.

Can a child switch to another class after having registered for something else?

The switching of classes may only be approved by the After School Programs Director; no refunds or partial refunds will be administered due to a switch and, if the cost of the new session is greater than the session being replaced, the price difference will be charged to the student. All changes are based on availability and age requirements.

Do students get a snack?

We ask that parents provide snacks for their children. Given the varying tastes, preferences, and medical needs of children, we will not be providing a uniform snack for all students. However, "snack time" is built into Extended Day and Homework Help classes and some clubs and teams.

How will Bear Creek Plus communicate with me?

Email will be the primary form of communication between you and the Bear Creek Plus office. If your email changes, please notify the After School Programs Director Jena Luplow (, as soon as possible so that you will continue to receive correspondences from her.

What if my son/daughter needs emergency medication after school?

The Health Room is normally closed after school, and the school nurse is not on duty. However, if your son/daughter needs access to his/her EpiPen in the Health Room, Ms. Luplow will be able to obtain it in an emergency. Please see the school’s Medication Administration Policy for further details.

Can my son or daughter “drop in” to Homework Help or Extended Day?

We recognize that unexpected things crop up in parents’ schedules and you may be looking to use Bear Creek Plus at short notice. To help you, we offer the option of pre-purchasing Flexi-Days for Extended Day or Homework Help. You may purchase one single Flexi-Day or a Five Flexi-Days package if you plan to use this service on multiple occasions. Flexi-Days may be used at any time, on any day (M-Th) during the school year. Once your registration/payment has been received, Mr. Riley will contact you to arrange the date(s) for your son/daughter to attend. To assist planning, registration for Flexi-Days must be received no later than 12 noon on the first requested date.