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Dear Parents and Students,

AP Exam season is fast approaching, so please read the following information about AP Exam fees, pre-administration, test dates, locations, and exam day procedures. For additional information, please review the Bulletin for AP Students and Parents, which was distributed to students by their AP course teachers; it contains general information about preparing for the test and other details. While our teachers thoroughly prepare students for testing, this guide can be a convenient resource. If you need another copy of the bulletin, see Mrs. Carhart in the Office of College Advising.

The fee is $94 per exam and is paid online. Note: You should pay for the Regular Test unless you know that your son or daughter must sit for the Late Test instead because of an athletics conflict (I will contact you if that is the case). Please register and pay by Friday, March 16. Some AP Physics 1 students are also planning to sit for the AP Physics C: Mechanics exam. Please remember to pay the fee for both exams (speak with Mrs. Graham if you have questions).

Pre-Administration Session on April 17
We will hold a pre-administration session for all AP students, as we did last year. During this session, students will complete their identification information on their registration answer sheets so they won't need to take time to do this on exam day. A student's registration answer sheet is the first AP answer sheet that a student fills out in a given school year. It takes about 30 minutes for students to complete this information. The session will be held Tuesday, April 17 in the Marilyn R. Nagel Commons from 12:30 p.m. – 1:00 p.m., and it is important for all AP students to attend.


Regular AP test dates are May 7 - May 18. Please note that I cannot do anything to change exam dates or times; the College Board tightly controls the exam schedule. See the 2018 AP Exam Schedule for more details. Some students may need to test on a later date due to an athletics conflict. If that is the case, I will contact parents and students directly. Late testing takes place May 23-25 (see College Board's Late-Testing Schedule).


This year, all of our AP Exams will be administered at The Bear Creek School. See the website calendar event.


Exam Day
On exam day, students must arrive at the exam location 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their exams (7:45 a.m. or 11:45 a.m.). Most exams take between 3-1/2 to 4 hours to complete, though some can take a bit longer. A student may not leave the exam room early under any circumstances without forfeiting his/her exam score. Please remember that cell phones or electronic devices (except calculators for certain exams) may not be brought into the exam room. Students are not expected to attend regular classes at Bear Creek on their AP Exam days.


Please contact me with any questions!


James Woollard

425-898-1720 ext. 537


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