Track & Field

This page provides information about Bear Creek's boys and girls varsity track & field program.

Track & Field Calendar

Registration Deadline: February 17, 2023
Practices Begin: February 27, 2023
Season Ends: May

The events on this calendar update hourly. Use these how-to instructions to filter calendars, subscribe to calendars, or receive calendar event alerts.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat/Sun
Mon, Apr 25
Tue, Apr 26
Wed, Apr 27
Thu, Apr 28
Fri, Apr 29
Sat, Apr 30
Sun, May 1
Mon, May 2
Tue, May 3
Wed, May 4
Thu, May 5
Coed Varsity Track - Outdoor @ Sultan High School
450 N 190th St, Shoreline WA 98133
Fri, May 6
Sat, May 7
Sun, May 8
Mon, May 9
Tue, May 10
Wed, May 11
Thu, May 12
Coed Varsity Track - Outdoor @ Granite Falls High School
19303 Fremont Ave. N, Shoreline WA 98133
Fri, May 13
Sat, May 14
Sun, May 15
Mon, May 16
Tue, May 17
Wed, May 18
Thu, May 19
Fri, May 20
Sat, May 21
Sun, May 22
Mon, May 23
Tue, May 24
Wed, May 25
Thu, May 26
Fri, May 27
Sat, May 28
Sun, May 29
Mon, May 30
Tue, May 31
Wed, Jun 1
Thu, Jun 2
Fri, Jun 3
Sat, Jun 4
Sun, Jun 5

Track & Field Quick Facts


Registration Fee: $350 + $60 for a warm-up jacket and team T-shirt

Additional Costs: Include gear, equipment, and any team-related trips (see below).

Practice and Meet Schedule

Practices: The track team does not have a standard Monday – Friday practice schedule as our ability to secure facilities changes on a daily/weekly basis. Generally speaking, when the team practices at Redmond HS, practice runs from 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. When at school or at the Redmond Watershed, practices run from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The coach(es) will communicate weekly with families to ensure that you are aware of the schedule. 

Meets: All athletes will compete in all conference meets (number of meets not yet determined). There are also invitational meets that require different levels of qualifying. Conference meets take place during the week with additional invitational meets taking place on Saturdays. Meets during the week will require early dismissal. Also, every school is asked to officiate an event at the conference meets and we will ask parents to help with this. 

See Track & Field Calendar (above).


Transportation is not available for practices. Transportation to meets will be provided by the school, and the expectation is that students will travel together to meets on the bus/van. Exceptions can be approved by the Athletics Department.

Uniform, Gear, and Equipment

The school provides uniform jersey and shorts which must be returned at the end of the season. A team warm-up jacket and T-shirt are included with the registration fee.

The spring season can be cold and wet. Players may order the optional rain gear, but please plan accordingly and bring some warmer practice gear each day. Optional gear includes rain gear and black warm-up pants. Complete the gear size and optional gear order forms (see top of page) to ensure the correct sizes are available.

Anticipated Levels of Play

All athletes should plan to participate in the mid-week conference meets. They are not considered optional. Track & field is great for exploring new events, camaraderie among athletes, and striving for excellence through improving personal bests. We celebrate personal bests as much as podium finishes.

Out of Season Activities

There are no out of season practices or activities. Some athletes will organize optional group runs, but most are competing in other sports during the offseason which is good preparation for the track & field season. We welcome everyone and will provide a great environment to learn new events, build friendships, and build confidence.

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