Girls Tennis

This page provides information about Bear Creek's girls varsity and JV tennis program.

Girls Tennis Calendar

Interest Meeting: January 24, 2023
Registration Deadline: February 9, 2023
Practices Begin: February 27, 2023
Season Ends: May

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Meet the Coach

Jeffrey Morse

Jeffrey Morse

Jeff Morse spent six years teaching in private Christian education prior to joining the Lower School faculty at Bear Creek in fall 2020. He loves teaching grade 4 and coaching tennis at The Bear Creek School. He has a beautiful wife and three girls. Jeff is a huge sports fan. He grew up playing tennis competitively in Junior USTA tournaments and for his high school. His all-time favorite tennis player is Andy Roddick, and his favorite current players are Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. Go Grizzlies! B.A. Elementary Education, Corban University; M.Ed. Information and Technology, Western Governors University.

Girls Tennis Quick Facts


Registration Fee: $350 + $110 for warm-up jacket, uniform top, uniform hat, and team T-shirt

Additional Costs: Include uniform, gear, and equipment (see below)

Anticipated Levels of Play

The girls’ tennis program generally offers both JV and varsity teams, with all players practicing together and challenging each other for varsity spots. Last season we fielded a varsity team and JV team, and we anticipate the same for the upcoming season as well.

Practice and Game Schedule

The tennis team practices every day from 4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The team generally schedules 12 – 16 regular season games, which are played after school. There are some exceptions to this from time to time with some games taking place on a Saturday, or possibly at an away venue in the evening. Home games usually start at 4:00 p.m. and are played at Perrigo Park (our home courts). Away games usually involved early dismissals from class as we travel to games. See Girls Tennis Calendar (above).


Transportation is not provided for practices and home games in Redmond. For away games outside of the Redmond area, transportation will be provided by the school, and the expectation is that students will travel together to all away games on the bus/van. Students are not allowed to drive their own vehicles or arrange their own transportation to away games.

Uniform, Gear, and Equipment

Required equipment includes tennis racquet(s), black skirt, and the proper non-marking court shoes. Feel free to contact the coach if you have questions about the type of racket, shoes, or skirt required. Players should also bring sunblock, hats/visors, and water bottles to practices and matches throughout the season. The season can be cold and wet. Players may order optional rain gear, but please plan accordingly and bring some warmer practice gear each day. 

The official tennis team uniform includes a green and/or black Bear Creek tank, jacket, and hat (included in registration fee). Optional gear includes rain gear and black warm-up pants. Players may reuse the same uniform pieces in subsequent years. Complete the gear size and optional gear order forms (see elsewhere on page) to ensure the correct sizes are available.

Out of Season Activities

The girls’ tennis team does not currently participate in official out-of-season activities. From time to time (e.g., in the summer), the boys organize optional captain-led practices that are generally run and promoted on their own. Coach Morse encourages boys to sign up and play tennis out of season through the various camps, tennis programs, and with teammates in the region.

Girls Tennis Resources