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2020 – 2021

The Grizzlies Booster Club is a membership organization that encourages and facilitates student, faculty, parent, and alumni involvement, awareness, and support of The Bear Creek School's athletics program. We promote fund raising projects to benefit athletics facilities, programs, players, and coaches; establish and carry forward athletics traditions; and promote school spirit and enhanced fellowship through our programs, activities, and events.

Please proudly display the membership window decals you will receive when you join the Grizzlies Booster Club and enjoy these gifts of appreciation for your support of Bear Creek athletics at one of these levels. See current membership list.

Significant Equipment Purchased by the Booster Club

  • New Titus the Grizzly mascot costume (2020)
  • Fight song on the gym wall (2019)
  • Fund Parenting Your Athlete speaker from Proactive Coaching (2019)
  • Fund Nick of Time heart screening event (2018)
  • Fund Parenting Your Athlete speaker from Proactive Coaching (2018)
  • Fund K – 5 community sports project (2017)
  • Fund BC Gear Shop re-boot (2017)
  • Volleyball standards and pads, referee stand (2016)
  • Service speaker system in the gym (2016)
  • Support for coach development (2015)
  • Support for Fitness Center improvements (2014)
  • 12-passenger van (2013)
  • Support for refinishing gym floor (2012)
  • Precor equipment for Fitness Center (2012)
  • 2 athletics trophy cases (2010 and 2011)
  • New Grizzly mascot costume (2010)
  • GRIZZLIES windscreen for Owens Field (2009)
  • Padded player chairs for volleyball and basketball teams (2008)
  • A powerful sound system for the gym (2006)
  • West bleachers in the gym (2006)
  • Scorers table with Grizzly logo (2005)
  • Engelstone track record board (2004)
  • Portable bleachers and player benches for Owens Field (2003)
  • Extended netting for Owens Field (2003)