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The Grizzlies Booster Club promotes and encourages school spirit by supporting the athletics programs of The Bear Creek School. Did you know that nearly 80% of Middle School and Upper School students participate in at least one sport? Get involved and join the Booster Club! All fans of The Bear Creek School are welcome!

The Grizzlies Booster Club was established in 2003 and is very proud of its accomplishments over the years.

About the Booster Club

Events and programs

Each year the Booster Club sponsors and organizes several events and activities that promote school spirit and community.

  • Fall Tailgate in September
  • Green & Gold Night on Tuesday before Thanksgiving
  • Homecoming Festivities in December
  • Jr. Grizzlies program for grades 1-5 youth basketball and soccer teams
  • Jr. Grizzlies Cheer program for future Grizzlies cheerleaders in preschool - grade 2
  • Hungry Bear concessions stand at select home volleyball matches and all home varsity and JV basketball games
  • Athletics Banquet honoring Upper School athletes and teams each spring
  • Spring Tailgate at Marymoor Park
  • Grizzly Gear Shop

The Booster Club also provides:

  • Team morale items, recognition for State athletes, and funding for post-season travel
  • Financial aid for Middle School and Upper School student-athletes to attend skills camps

Scholarship Application

Where does the money come from?

  • Membership dues
  • Hungry Bear concessions
  • Other fundraising activities

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Why become a member?

  • Your membership donation supports our student-athletes with athletics equipment, facilities improvements, and spirit events.
  • Your volunteerism makes possible all these events and services that promote Grizzly Pride among our student-athletes.

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Significant equipment purchased by the Booster Club

  • Fund Nick of Time heart screening event (2018)
  • Fund Parenting Your Athlete speaker from Proactive Coaching (2018)
  • Fund K-5 community sports project (2017)
  • Fund BC Gear Shop re-boot (2017)
  • Volleyball standards and pads, referee stand (2016)
  • Service speaker system in the gym (2016)
  • Support for coach development (2015)
  • Support for Fitness Center improvements (2014)
  • 12-passenger van (2013)
  • Support for refinishing gym floor (2012)
  • Precor equipment for Fitness Center (2012)
  • 2 athletics trophy cases (2010 and 2011)
  • New Grizzly mascot costume (2010)
  • GRIZZLIES windscreen for Owens Field (2009)
  • Padded player chairs for volleyball and basketball teams (2008)
  • A powerful sound system for the gym (2006)
  • West bleachers in the gym (2006)
  • Scorers table with Grizzly logo (2005)
  • Engelstone track record board (2004)
  • Portable bleachers and player benches for Owens Field (2003)
  • Extended netting for Owens Field (2003)

Board, bylaws, and logos

Grizzlies Booster Board

The board usually meets on the first Tuesday of each month; 2019 – 2020 meeting dates are listed below. Please email our Booster Board President if you would like to suggest an agenda item.

Tuesday, August 27
Tuesday, October 1
Tuesday, November 5
Tuesday, December 3
Monday, January 13
Tuesday, February 4
Tuesday, March 3
Monday, April 6
Tuesday, May 5
Tuesday, June 2

Booster Board Officers

President: Diane Martin (
Vice President: Kathy Keith (
Treasurer: Michael Morris (
Secretary: Open position

Committee Chairs and At-Large Members

Hungry Bear Concessions, Open position
Kevin Shields, Membership
Diane Martin, Events
Steve Kosted, Grizzly Gear Shop
Jill Jani, Spirit

Non-voting Member

Chad Pohlman, Athletics Director

Bylaws, Reimbursement, and Logos

Grizzlies Booster Club Bylaws were most recently revised May 2014.

To request a reimbursement, print the Booster Reimbursement Form, fill it out and attach your receipts. You may submit the reimbursement form in the main office at Redmond Campus (either building).

Reimbursement Form

Booster Club logos are available for download (login required).

Booster News

Please plan to join us as special guest speaker from Proactive Coaching shares ideas for helping your child grow in virtue and character through sports and activities on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:00 p.m. in the Upper School's Performing Arts Center.

  • How much influence do my words and actions have as a parent of an athlete or a student heavily involved in school activities?
  • What role do you play as a parent of an athlete on a team? What role should you play? 
  • What can you say to your child after a tough loss or difficult day?
  • How can you best support your child and his/her coaches throughout a season?
Titus the Grizzly

The Grizzly Gear Shop is stocked and open for business at Redmond Campus. In the Main building, regular Gear Shop hours are on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. The shop in the Upper School is open Wednesdays, noon – 12:30 p.m. and Fridays, 11:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.