Puppets and Parables

Directed by Jared Mack

Puppets and Parables

This production supported by the Annual Fund.

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Puppets and Parables is a collection of short scenes written by Bear Creek New Play Development students. The puppets were created by Technical Theater students and brought to life by members of the Theater Production class. Each short scene contains a nugget of wisdom. 

May 1, 2021 at 7:30 p.m.


Can I Speak to a Spokes-person written by Alysse Quin '21

A Tough Sell written by Jared Mack

Manners and Misfortune written by Grace McBride '21

Infomercial written by Andrew Haddad '22

A Caged Bird Sings written by Emma Firminger '21

The Deal written by Florence Lee '21

Fast Food written by Jared Mack

A Tale of Woe written by Grace McBride '21

The King and It written by Florence Lee '21

Thick Skin written by Jackson Ashford '21

Sewing written by Andrew Haddad '22

The Perfect Pair written by Grace McBride '21

Water Is Well written by Martin Le '24


Carl created by Jeremy Krabach '24
Perry created by J.D. Horey '22
Pete created by Andrew Haddad '22
Puppette created by Gabriel Bennett'22
Yogurt created by Pierce Bader '24
Arthur created by Jeremy Krabach '24
Vinny created by Jared Mack

Behind the Scenes

Directors: Jared Mack
Technical Director: Peter McDonough
Puppeteers: Theater Production class members
Set Builders: Pierce Bader ’24, Gabriel Bennett ’22, and Jeremy Krabach ’24
Camera Operators: Joshua Christie ’22, Nicholas Coy ’22, and Christian Yeo ’23
Video Editors: Andrew Haddad ’22 and J.D. Horey ’22
Program and Promotions Art Designer: Izzy Tector ’21
Program and Promotions: Sini Fernandez

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