Middle School Arts

Middle School Arts Elective Offerings

We believe a robust arts curriculum provides rich opportunities to perform and create in art, music, and drama; perceive and respond to each of the arts disciplines; understand the role of the arts in our world; and make connections between the arts and other aspects of life, meaning, and culture. All Middle School students take at least one semester of an arts elective each year.


Art students focus on creativity, originality, effort, and perseverance while exploring various media such as drawing, painting, collage, mixed media, and three-dimensional art. Students develop craftsmanship, skill, consistency, and correct terminology, while learning the basic elements and principles of art. Student work is displayed in Bear Creek’s annual Authors & Artists event, and students may also submit pieces to community art contests.


Band students continue to build skills on their instruments with emphasis on developing a good concept of ensemble sound and tone quality. In addition to a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert, the band participates in at least one event outside of school. Middle School band students may also choose to join the Jazz Band, which meets before school, or the Pep Band, which plays during basketball season. 


Choir students can be creative in an environment full of encouragement. Students learn and practice basic choral techniques and are exposed to different types of music. Middle School choir performs in a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert and also participates in other local performances such as the Lake Washington Middle School Choir Festival.


During both fall and spring semester, Middle School students present an evening production for family, friends, and the school community. Drama students have an opportunity to experience the various skills and techniques utilized in putting together a dramatic presentation, organizing themselves into a theater company with each taking responsibility for a technical aspect of the production, as well as an acting role.