Evening of Artists

May 30, 2024

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Upper School art


Thank You to Our Visual Arts Faculty

  • Trinity Osborn, Fine Arts Department Chair and Upper School studio arts teacher
  • Brittany Plourde, Upper School digital arts teacher
  • Jenn Sinclair, Lower School and Middle School art teacher

Upper School Building

Grades 9 – 12 Exhibits

In the Marilyn R. Nagel Commons, Arts hallway (first floor), and Art Gallery (second floor)

Upper School Film and Animation

Art Studio and Andrea Lairson Library (second floor)

Grades 7 and 8 Exhibits 

In the Marilyn R. Nagel Commons

Creekside Terrace

Collaborative Installation Art

Upper School, Middle School, and Lower School students collaborated on the chairs. Read how this installation art piece came about.

Middle School art

Main Building

Grades 5 and 6 Exhibits

Along the main hallway

Grades K – 4 Exhibits

Hallways outside classrooms

Preschool Exhibits

Under staircase

Thank You to our Preschool Art Docents
  • Mrs. Julie Anderson and Mrs. Taylor: Mrs. Taylor’s P3 3-day class
  • Mrs. Amanda Welch: Mrs. Taylor's 2-day class
  • Mrs. Han Sciola and Mrs. Tsitsi Kolawole: Mrs. Files’ P3 class
  • Mrs. Jing Lu: Mrs. Fletcher’s P4 class
  • Mrs. Grace Brown: Mrs. Venable’s P4 class
  • Mrs. Marina Eksarevskiy and Mrs. Fiona Bi: Mrs. Finlan’s P5 class
  • Mrs. Paige LaFountain and Mrs. Melissa Osvaldik: Mrs. Jacobson’s P5 class
Lower School art


Thank You to Our Performing Arts Faculty

  • Emily Huston '15, Choir Director
  • Jared Mack, Theater Director
  • Peter McDonough, Performing Arts Technical Director
  • Kelsey Thompson, Band Director

Upper School Terrace

5:00 p.m. Upper School Concert Choir and vocal ensembles, Middle School chamber ensembles
5:30 p.m. Jazz Band
6:15 p.m. Theater vignettes
6:30 p.m. Jazz Band

Main Building

5:30 p.m. Men's Ensemble

Preschol art

Food Trucks

Upper School Parking Lot

Cash and credit accepted

  • Finn the Food Truck by Anthony’s Restaurants
  • Taqueria Los Chilangos
  • Pompeii Wood Fired Pizza
  • Seattle Pops

Awe & Appreciation Chairs

Collaborative Chair

A collaboration installation piece

To sit and appreciate. To slow down and observe. About what in God’s creation am I most in awe? What do I appreciate? For what am I thankful? From the grandest of things to the smallest of things, to most memorable moments—what might these be?

Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students were asked these very questions. Advanced Studio Art seniors then used these comments as inspiration in creating a cross-divisional collaborative piece titled, “Awe & Appreciation Chairs.” 

Here are some of the comments shared by students, kindergarten through senior year… 

“I am in awe in the complexity of God’s creation. All of nature brims with life from the trees to the oceans and the skies. Everywhere you look there is life.” 

“The beach, listening to the waves with my toes in the sand”  

“Childhood, playing cars in a world of pretend” 

“Thankful God loves me” [what do you mean] “He gave us bugs to see and cool creatures” 

“Fairy gardens and the magic of make believe when I was younger” 

“My backyard on a summer’s night” 

“My cats” 

“My Tonka trucks” 

“The Great Barrier Reef”

“Sunsets and flowers” 

“The way bugs crawl” 

“Camping chairs and a campfire” 

“The colors in all the seasons” 

“Building sandcastles” 

“Snowy mountains and mountain peaks” 

“I’m in awe of how roads connect.” 

“Sitting by a river at sunset” 

“Cloud formations” 

“The energy of the city” 

“The trees in spring” 

“Old growth forests” 

“Birds chirping” 

“Falling leaves”