Early Middle School Arts

EMS Band

Intentionality in Music, Art, and Drama

Through education in the arts, students develop personal expression, creative thinking, imaginative communication, and intellectual curiosity. We believe an effective and challenging arts curriculum provides students with opportunities to perform and create in art, music, and drama; perceive and respond to each of the arts disciplines; understand the role of the arts in our world; and make connections between the arts and other educational disciplines.

At The Bear Creek School, students are creating, performing, and learning how to interpret their world through a sequential arts curriculum taught during the regular school day. As creatures made in the image of God, we all inherit the blessing of creativity. Bear Creek students learn to express the nature of things, the reality of Truth, and the significance of beauty through the arts.

Music - Students learn music theory and grow to enjoy the gift of various forms of music through general music classes. Additionally, all grades 5 and 6 students may choose from band or choir.

Art - Instruction in the elements and techniques of the various media allow every student creative expression as an artist. Art forms explored include painting, ceramics, pastels, drawing, and collage.

Drama - Students increase vocabulary, develop literacy skills, and experience literature through drama. They also gain confidence and composure in front of an audience and learn to present themselves well. In grade 6, students perform Shakespeare. Early Middle School students attend the dress rehearsals for every drama production performed by students in grades 1, 2, 4, and 6.