Form I-20 Student Fees

2023 – 2024

Note: These fees apply for currently enrolled Form I-20 students who will graduate in 2024. Bear Creek will not admit new Form I-20 students after the 2020 – 2021 school year.

All other student tuition and fees apply.

Annual tuition, all fees (including supplemental fees), and insurance premium must be paid in full upon initial or subsequent year enrollment for Form I-20 students. If Form I-20 is needed immediately, we must receive full payment by money order or wire before issuing the document.

  • Form I-20 Student Enrollment Fee: $500 (Non-refundable) per Form I-20 student. This fee is due each year to reserve a place upon enrollment.
  • Form I-20 Student Services Fee: $2,000 (Non-refundable) per Form I-20 student is due in full upon initial enrollment or subsequent year enrollment.
  • Form I-20 Student Supplemental Fee Deposit: $1,000 ($1,500 for seniors) Various supplemental fees are incurred by Form I-20 students throughout the course of the academic year. The Bear Creek School will charge the Form I-20 student account as supplemental fees are incurred and will provide an itemized statement upon request. Unused balances will be applied to the next academic year or refunded if the student does not return. In the event fees are greater than the deposit, the family will be invoiced.
  • Mandatory Accident and Health Insurance Premium: $1,500 for eleven (11) months: August 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024, which allows for early entry (prior to the first day of class) as permitted on Form I-20. All students who have been issued Form I-20 are required to carry Bear Creek's mandatory accident and sickness insurance (link will be updated in August for upcoming school year). This insurance is mandatory regardless of whether students have other accident and health insurance. Students are free to obtain other accident and health insurance of their choice in order to provide coverage that is in addition to this mandatory coverage. All Form I-20 students in attendance for any Bear Creek program, coursework, activities, camps, etc., must be fully covered by accident and health insurance that is valid in the United States at all times during their attendance.