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Sebastian is a sophomore at The Bear Creek School. His favorite subject is currently AP European History because the teacher, Dr. Sorensen, brings history to life! Sebastian plays basketball, soccer, and ping pong as well as acts in various plays from Shakespeare to Peter Pan. Sebastian has attended Bear Creek since first grade and considers the school his home away from home.


Sebastian’s School Day

Honors Medieval and Renaissance Literature

We just finished reading Beowulf and The Great Divorce, both very interesting novels. I enjoyed the theme of the afterlife in The Great Divorce as well as the themes of heroism and courage in Beowulf. My teacher, Dr. Howell, is energetic and loves the intricacies of literature. One time he made the whole class laugh by coming to class in a knight’s helmet.

AP Biology

This class is a challenge and at first, I didn’t know if I would like biology, but the way Mr. Ahn brings the subject to life through experiments is incredibly fun! One of my favorite labs this year happened when studying enzymes. Mr. Ahn gave us a pill that altered the enzymes in our taste buds so different kinds of foods tasted differently, and it was mind blowing!


Ms. Bell encourages us to work in groups in a way that is fun and interactive. Learning about the complexity and intricacies of the periodic table is absolutely fascinating and doing it in groups and talking through it really makes the whole experience better.


This class was a huge surprise. I expected it to be boring, but boy, was I wrong! Logic has allowed me to become a better debater, writer, and reader. I can tell that Mr. Faris loves teaching and discussing all of the topics that we are learning about. Logic actually inspired one of my recent papers on Bertrand Russell, for and against the Argument of Design.


COVID has made lunch different, but the lunch ladies at Bear Creek are the kindest people you will ever meet. My favorite lunches are pasta and pizza, but I can also choose from salads, sandwiches, and every type of chip and cookie possible.

Theater Production

Mr. Mack is a professional actor, and the way he supports our strengths for any character we play is truly incredible. I have learned so much this year about character objectives, moods, and motives. I can’t wait to try out the brand-new recording room Bear Creek just opened too! We just presented an online play about Shakers, which I really enjoyed.

Middle School production of Peter Pan and Wendy

Sebastian played John in this production of Peter Pan and Wendy.

AP European History

One specific thing I love in this class are our discussions. Our latest one was on Louis VIX, and it’s always so amazing to see so many different points of view on the same topic. I was shocked to learn that Louis VIX considered himself a peer to the gods including Apollo. In AP European History, we discussed how this view would impact his rule of France.


Mr. Culbertson teaches math in a way I have never seen before. He always teaches us multiple ways to solve each problem and challenges us to use prior knowledge to solve new problems. Precalculus is also a cool class because it will prepare me for Calculus while making sure I have a solid foundation in Algebra 2 and Geometry. 


Right now, I have basketball practice almost every day, and in the spring, I will begin baseball. I love the friendships I’ve developed through sports, and practice gives me a chance to relive stress a well.

JV basketball

Final Thoughts

Sometimes school can seem tiring, but the community at Bear Creek is so supportive. For example, I have never been afraid to reach out to my teachers (even if I need to ask for help or got a bad grade) since I know they will help me—and I will soon be working out with them in the Fitness Center. I have made lifelong friends at this school, and those friendships as well as the lessons I’ve learned will stay with me long after graduation.

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